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“Ramadan Kyrie Was A Motherf**ker!”: Kevin Garnett Claims The Mavericks Superstar Has Been Ballin’ For Months Now

Sourav Bose

"Ramadan Kyrie Was A Motherf**ker!": Kevin Garnett Claims The Mavericks Superstar Has Been Ballin' For Months Now

The rapid resurgence of Kyrie Irving has propelled the Dallas Mavericks to the top of the basketball pyramid. His endeavors have received applause from several, with Kevin Garnett being the latest addition to the list. The NBA icon recently shed light on Uncle Drew’s transformation, outlining the latter’s growth on an individual level.

During his latest appearance on The Stephen A. Smith Show, KG mentioned, “Kyrie walks about with a Kobe [Bryant] spirit…He is calm, he is confident, he is leading, he ain’t got a bunch of extra stuff with him, he has been about basketball. I love his peace…Now, we’re seeing more of a mature Kyrie that is electrifying. He has been doing this since Ramadan… Ramadan Kyrie was a motherf***er.”

His words summarized the impact Irving has had on the Mavs roster this season. Undoubtedly, his on-court decision-making and prowess reminded seasoned NBA fans of Kobe Bryant’s unfathomable instincts. His stoic nature has aided in him maintaining a broader perspective.

Irving has also matured a lot this campaign, marking a stark difference from the controversy-filled past few seasons for the Melbourne-born guard. Certainly, the franchise’s management had a major role to play in this throughout the season. The Mavs are currently reaping major benefits from their endeavors.

The 8x All-Star has also hit another gear in his gameplay since Ramadan. His mastery of playing under harsh conditions had a huge role to play in his recent rise, with the NBA star himself hinting at the same.

How Kyrie Irving reinstated himself since Ramadan

Irving started the campaign on a positive note, recording higher offensive digits than his career average. In his initial 42 appearances, the 2016 champion averaged 25.5 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game [as per StatMuse]. However, things took a turn for the better around mid-March.

Since Ramadan, the crafty Mavs guard has elevated his game to another level. He enhanced his regular season output to 26 points, 5.6 assists, and 4.9 rebounds per game [as per StatMuse]. This 16-game run included eight 25+ points games, along with his season-high of 48 points against the Houston Rockets in early April.

The 2012 ROTY has refused to shy away from admitting this step up in his form. Revealing the core reason to The Dallas Morning News, Irving declared last month, “Ramadan is a special time. You try not to think about the suffering too much and really focus on the journey with God and the path that you’re on and just stay focused on that.”

This period certainly holds a special place in the heart of the NBA star. More importantly, he could hold onto his surge in output this time around, ensuring a conference finals qualification for his franchise. As a result, the hype around his endeavors remains justified as Irving aims to bring back the glory days to Texas.

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