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Raptors’ assistant coach Adrian Griffin accused of serious abuse by ex-wife on Twitter

Utkarsh Bhatla

Adrian Griffin accused of abuse

Raptors’ Adrian Griffin has been accused of abuse from his ex-wife one day after he won his 1st game as Raptors’ head coach in the NBA Bubble.

Adrian Griffin was having the time of is life, when he was asked to be the de facto head coach of the Raptors for one day by Nick Nurse.

The Raptors unit did not disappoint Griffin, and gifted him a win vs the Sixers. When asked about his night, Griffin said he felt like ‘Cindrella’, an apt analogy especially when you are in Disney world.

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However, his world has now come crashing down, thanks to a disturbing revelation from his ex-wife on Twitter. Audrey Griffin, Adrian’s wife put out a long tweet, revealing how her ex-husband abused her and her children all through their marriage.

Adrian Griffin accused of abuse by ex-wife

The tweet from Audrey Griffin highlights how her ex-husband choked her, dragged her across the lawn when she was pregnant and also threw her into a wall, making a large hole in it.

His abuses were not limited to her, as he also involved his children into it. She pointed out that he had once thrown a ceramic vase at her and had also indulged in multiple affairs.

Moreover, despite having court orders against him, he has at multiple times tried to get into their house. Audrey was frustrated with the fact that despite this court order against him, he was able to enjoy his ‘Cindrella’ life in the NBA Bubble and win games for his team.

The allegation is a massive one, and it would be interesting to see if the NBA or the Raptors intervene and check for all the facts surrounding Adrian Griffin.

Also, Griffin’s ex-wife hasn’t posted it just because her ex-husband got his first win as a head coach last night; she has been posting all of this on social media earlier too.

Raptors’ reporter, Blake Murphy too tweeted about the allegations and confirmed that he would question him about this. Although, he doesn’t expect him to answer, as from Audrey Griffin’s tweets, there already seems to be a court order against him.

Will NBA want to get involved in this controversy and take some action against Adrian Griffin? Or should they just stay out of the matter and let the courts decide, what’s what.

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