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Recalling Puff Diddy’s Desire to Own a Team, Stephen A. Smith Reacts to Rapper’s Incriminating Assault Video

Prateek Singh

Recalling Puff Diddy's Desire to Own a Team, Stephen A. Smith Reacts to Rapper's Incriminating Assault Video

Ever since Sean “Diddy” Combs’ mansions were raided by authorities in March of this year, he has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, his problems are going to get even worse after CNN recently got hold of surveillance footage from 2016 that shows the rapper assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. Amidst the social media outrage against the 54-year-old, Stephen A. Smith decided to address the issue on his The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Taking a step back from his regular programming, Stephen A. brought up the Diddy issue because he believed it needed to be addressed. The media veteran was enraged by what he saw in the CNN footage and stated that this must mark the end of Diddy’s career. The 56-year-old also detailed everything that he saw in the clip as he didn’t feel good about airing it on his platform.

Ventura and Diddy went through a short-lived legal battle at the time. The 37-year-old had filed a lawsuit against her former partner, where she put all her allegations on record.

However, Diddy denied all allegations and settled the case with Ventura the very next day. But this new development has landed Diddy in hot waters yet again. Stephen A. said on his show, “This is bad. This is so bad that it’s hard to put into words. I don’t know how P. Diddy recovers from this. I don’t know if he can.”

SAS believes that even though the footage is from 2016, Diddy’s career should be over after this. Because even if he did it back then, the recent allegations now gain more value.

Subsequently, Smith provided details of his own connection with Diddy, revealing that they had a chat about the music executive’s wish to own a team in the NBA, namely, the Hornets.

Stephen A. also tried to clarify that the people who had connections with Diddy or went to his parties shouldn’t be ridiculed. Because he was one of those people who attended the now infamous Diddy parties, but was unaware of this side of him.

However, Stephen A. wasn’t so dismissive of the music executive earlier.

Stephen A. Smith believed Diddy could revive his career after initial allegations

When Diddy was in trouble in March due to the physical abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking allegations, Stephen A. had a conversation with Uncle Luke, where he said that the 54-year-old could possibly walk away from all of this, unharmed. SAS even compared the situation of Diddy with Kanye West.

Now that such scary visuals have come out, Stephen A. has changed his stance on Diddy’s survival in the industry.

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