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“Same Reason People Don’t Talk About Kobe Bryant Missing More Shots”: LeBron James’ Near 5000 TOs Get Defended By Richard Jefferson

Nithin Joseph

"Same Reason People Don't Talk About Kobe Bryant Missing More Shots": LeBron James' Near 5000 TOs Get Defended By Richard Jefferson

Recently, a stat graphic regarding LeBron James has been going viral on social media. The Los Angeles Lakers star is currently one turnover away from having 5000 career turnovers. A huge career milestone on the wrong end of the spectrum, as he would continue in his position as the player with the highest number of turnovers in NBA history.

This has led to many people asking why major outlets like ESPN haven’t publicized this figure. They question why such a big deal was made out of him passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but not this. This is where LeBron’s former teammate, Richard Jefferson, stepped in to defend the King on Twitter/X.

RJ points out that the reason people don’t talk about Bron’s turnover is the same reason why Kobe Bryant‘s 14,481 missed shots aren’t spoken about. “Same reason people don’t talk about Kobe missing more shots than anyone in NBA history,” wrote Jefferson.

It isn’t surprising that the legends of the game have the most turnovers and most missed shots. A primary reason for this has to do with their longevity, and what’s more, they both happened to be the leader in their respective offensive systems. So, for them to have a few bad stats here and there is expected.

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant’s stats are skewed because of their high usage rates

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant’s stats are very skewed. On one end, they’re leaders in games, scoring, minutes, and so forth. However, on the other end, they are the leaders in turnovers and shots missed. But this has a lot to do with their high usage rate throughout their careers.

Usage rate estimates the percentage of a team’s possessions a player uses while on the floor. And both LeBron and Kobe have a usage of around 31.6% and 31.8% in their respective careers. These are two of the highest usage rates in NBA history. With that in mind, their negative stats make a lot more sense.

But that’s not all. King James’ style of play is another aspect that greatly affects his statistics. Specifically, on all the teams he has played for, be it the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, or the Los Angeles Lakers, he has been the floor general. As such, he is usually the one doing all the playmaking on the court.

So, for him to lead the league in turnovers is just a consequence of that aspect of his game. And, at this stage of his career, rather than critique him for his faults, we should be applauding him for his achievements.

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Nithin Joseph

Nithin Joseph


Nithin is a content writer at The SportsRush. Like his favorite athlete Kobe Bryant, the company has helped Nithin elevate his writing skills to a whole new level, especially as an NBA content writer. With over 1500 articles to his name, Nithin's love for the sport knows no bounds. And, as he continues to watch the sport on a daily basis, he hopes his fascination with the NBA, especially the Miami Heat will inspire more and more readers to give the sport a chance. Perhaps, one day making basketball in India as big as it is in the United States.

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