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Skip Bayless Fully Supports Raven Johnson Getting Revenge Against Caitlin Clark Over Destructive Disrespect Last Year

Prateek Singh

Skip Bayless Fully Supports Raven Johnson Getting Revenge Against Caitlin Clark Over Destructive Disrespect Last Year

The recently concluded NCAA women’s basketball tournament ended up in disappointment for the Iowa Hawkeyes. For the last few months, Caitlin Clark was on cloud nine with her success and a majority of fans believed that this is finally her time. While the NCAA glory remains incomplete for the Iowa star, Skip Bayless recently claimed on the UNDISPUTED show that Raven Johnson completed her story with this win against Clark.

Bayless said that this was a ‘revenge tour’ for Johnson and she was looking to settle scores with Clark since last year’s tournament. He recalled last year’s semifinal game where the two went against one another and the Iowa star got the better of Johnson. That win ended with some disrespect towards the 21-year-old and since then the South Carolina team has been on the lookout. Well, they couldn’t have had a better stage to put an end to their revenge tour as they handed the Hawkeyes their second consecutive finals loss.

Bayless was impressed with the way the Carolina team flipped the script against the Hawkeyes as most people expected the latter to win the tournament.

He said, “For the most part, I’m gonna say 75% of the time, Raven Johnson took Caitlin face to face, sort of throat to throat…and flipped the game on its head at the end of the half when she stole the ball.”

Bayless was very happy about the fact that South Carolina’s consistency throughout the tournament paid off, but he said that Johnson is the one who he is happiest for as she finally took her revenge which once made her consider quitting basketball.

Shannon Sharpe broke down the South Carolina’s plans against Caitlin Clark

A tournament of this magnitude in a team sport is bigger than a single player. However, that is where the Gamecocks planned their masterstroke by targeting the biggest and the best player on the opposition. An added motive behind going against Clark was that it allowed Johnson to finally close a rather stinging chapter in her career. After the game, Shannon Sharpe talked about how the South Carolina team used the revenge tour against Clark to win the NCAA Championship.

Skip Bayless Fully Supports Raven Johnson Getting Revenge Against Caitlin Clark Over Destructive Disrespect Last Year
Credits: USA Today Sports

He said that since Clark and Johnson had scores to settle, the Gamecocks star took the responsibility of defending the 22-year-old upon herself.

“Raven Johnson, last year, she was the young lady, that Caitlin Clark, if you remember watching the game last year, she was like, ‘I ain’t even worried about you’. She[Raven Johnson] said, ‘I was on a revenge tour’. After the first quarter, she was the primary defender on Caitlin Clark. They made it very very difficult.”

At the end, the better team won but nothing could take anything away from the fact that this season was one of the best ever in women’s basketball history.

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