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“These Boys Say Anything On These Podcasts”: Kevin Durant Calls Out Andre Iguodala For Claiming He Doesn’t Lift Weights

Sourav Bose

"These Boys Say Anything On These Podcasts": Kevin Durant Calls Out Andre Iguodala For Claiming He Doesn't Lift Weights

Kevin Durant continues to address his detractors through his social media handles, as it recently hit a new peak. The 2x champion did not hold back against Andre Iguodala after the latter made a few comments over Durant’s workout regime. The two former Golden State Warriors teammates went against each other as the NBA community watched it from afar.

In an episode of the Point Forward podcast, Iggy mockingly pointed out Kevin’s negligence toward lifting weights as a drawback. “KD’s only flaw is he won’t lift weights. That’s it,” he stated while jokingly criticizing his former colleague of three years. “You can foul him and he is so good, they get mad and they just let them foul him. KD, if you just lift weights,” the 39-year-old further added.

The words caught the attention of the now-Phoenix Suns superstar as he responded to it publicly. “Now I don’t lift weights, aight man,” Kevin seemed to showcase a sign of disgust toward the comments from the 4x champion. “These boys say anything on these podcasts,” the 35-year-old added to highlight the lack of evidence behind the statement.

Despite the seemingly harsh reply, Durant’s words possibly held no malice toward his former Warriors teammate. The duo has always been close since their Dubs days and have kept in touch following Iguodala’s retirement from the league. So, Kevin’s words may simply have been a bit of ribbing back in ‘Iggy’s way.

Was Andre Iguodala right about Kevin Durant?

Since coming into the league back in 2007, the Washington-born has always possessed a tall and thin frame as an athlete. Yet, it rarely limited his ability to score in this field of highly competitive and contact sports. In fact, the combination of all these earned him the nickname of ‘Slim Reaper’ early on in his NBA career.

Despite mastering his craft with these qualities, the 13x All-Star has started to focus more on building muscles to keep up with the rest of the league. One such instance took place after a recent Suns game as he got involved in a deadlift after the match. It put Kevin under an entirely different lens as the followers took notice of his endeavors.

Amidst the astonishment, Durant has always come a long way since his rookie year. After mockery over his inability to bench press over 185 lbs in his debut season, he worked on himself to enhance his strength. The forward eventually even managed a load of 315 lbs with ease as it changed the narrative around his stature to a large extent.

Still, Iguodala’s words had a certain level of truth in them. Durant’s talent has helped him overshadow his shortcomings in the physical aspect of the game on numerous occasions. Kevin, of course, did not agree with his former teammate as his belief in his abilities remains unshakable.

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