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“Told Y’all LeBron James Always Makes The Right Play”: Gilbert Arenas, After Trolling The Lakers, Sings Their Praise Following Suns Loss

Nithin Joseph

"Told Y'all LeBron James Always Makes The Right Play": Gilbert Arenas, After Trolling The Lakers, Sings Their Praise Following Suns Loss

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers secured their first win in the In-Season Tournament last night. Facing off against the Phoenix Suns, King James was his usual self, dishing out the ball and scoring points at every turn. Following the game, which ended 122-119, LeBron claimed to always make the right play.

Taking to Twitter/X, Gilbert Arenas praised LeBron for his intuition. He claimed that he told everyone that the King always makes the right play in the game. “Told y’all Bron always gonna make the right play,” wrote Arenas. Clearly, Agent Zero was impressed with the 32-point, 11-rebound, and six-assist performance he saw out there.

The play that the King is referring to in particular, is the pass he made to Cam Reddish. Coming off the pick-and-roll with Anthony Davis, Bron looked like he was either going to drive to the basket or play the ball to AD. Instead, he went with the no-look pass to Reddish who knocked down a clutch three.

It was a great play that LBJ justified at the end of the game. Calling out all the critics he has had over the years, LeBron emphatically stated that he always makes the right choices. And, in this case, the right choice was to pass to Reddish because he trusted him to sink the shot.

Gilbert Arenas took back his words just hours after trolling LeBron James’ Lakers

Prior to praising LeBron James, Gilbert Arenas trolled the Los Angeles Lakers. At the start of the game, the Lakers seemed to be struggling, prompting No Chill Gil to refer to the team as “mid.” He also called out the Los Angeles Clippers, generally just taking a shot at the struggling LA-based teams.

Following the Purple and Gold’s win, Arenas quickly backtracked on his earlier tweet, claiming he had to troll them in order to motivate them to victory. Clearly, he was just jokingly trying to save face.

Arenas has been defending LeBron quite a bit recently. Every chance he gets, he’s been singing the King’s praises, and things were no different a few days ago when he took a shot at the Miami Heat.

The former Washington Wizards star claimed that the Heat were not good before LeBron arrived and were not good after he left. Essentially, he equated the Heat’s infamous “culture” to LeBron. An interesting statement that one could debate on for ages. But either way, it’s nice to see King James getting the support he deserves from his peers.

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