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Victor Wembanyama’s $100,000,000 Rookie Deal Set to Eclipse LeBron James’ 20-Year Record With Nike

Jeet Pukhrambam

Victor Wembanyama's $100,000,000 Rookie Deal Set to Eclipse LeBron James' 20-Year Record With Nike

Victor Wembanyama is set to be the next big thing in the NBA. The expectations for him are already sky-high. So much so that his shoe deal is set to break all records. Nike has already signed the French unicorn but reports are in that the actual term sheet might even shatter LeBron James’ long-held record. A nine-figure sum is rumored to be on the cheque.

For a rookie to get a shoe deal in and of itself is a big deal. Not everyone has the opportunity. But for a highly-touted prospect like Victor, it was obvious that he would command a massive sum of money.

Luckily for Nike, they already had him on their roster as he was competing in Europe. Now, they have to make sure their offer fends off any other brands lurking around for his signature. It is possible that his deal exceeds the $100 million mark. And it would likely break the $87 million deal that LeBron James signed, back in 2003.

Victor Wembanyama is set to land a record $100 million plus Nike deal

Not a lot of players currently have a shoe deal that exceeds $100 million. That sum of money is reserved only for an esteemed group of players. The likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry are the marquee athletes that command that respect. Not even current superstars have deals of that size.

But as per the latest reports and thanks to all the hype around him, Victor Wembanyama is set to join that group – all before he even steps foot on an NBA court. Even in today’s day and age a player, let alone a rookie, signing a $100 million deal is significant. Sonny Vaccaro, the former Nike executive who signed Michael Jordan even believes that Wemby will be handed a blank cheque!

However, it is interesting to note that the 9-figure sum has precedent. LeBron James who signed a $87 million deal with Nike in his rookie year had a deal worth $115 on the table!

Reebok offered LeBron James $115 million

Wemby might be a unicorn and he might even have the benefit of the doubt. But no prospect can rival the amount of hype LeBron did. James had numerous deals on the table.

One of them was Reebok. The sporting giant offered him a whopping $115 million. As a rookie, that sum of money was unbelievable.

Eventually, he signed with Nike for a lesser sum. But it is interesting that Wemby is getting the same level of deals. It could be the burgeoning inflation. It could also be that the Frenchman is a unique player.

His deal is likely to break James’ record. And in doing so push a 20-year-old record further than ever.

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