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WATCH: LeBron James’ Son Bryce Calls Him ‘Trash,’ Gets Hit With ‘GOAT’ James Reply

Prateek Singh

WATCH: LeBron James’ Son Bryce Calls Him ‘Trash,’ Gets Hit With ‘GOAT’ James Reply

If the criticism from the outside world wasn’t enough, now LeBron James also has to deal with trash-talkers in his own house. Recently, his youngest son Bryce James posted several clips on his Instagram story, where the 16-year-old can be heard calling his dad “trash”. Obviously, LeBron is not one to cave into the pressure, even when it’s coming from his own blood, as he responded in style with a GOAT claim.

It happened when the James boys were shooting in their backyard and somehow it turned into a trash talk exhibition. Bryce started by saying, “You trash” when LeBron tried some long-range shots. To no one’s surprise, the 39-year-old made the shot but was immediately hit with, “That’s a lucky shot.”

The back and forth continued for another round as Bryce asked for the ball, claiming he could make those shots single-handed. It didn’t go in, but the confidence was admirable.

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On LeBron’s second attempt from the spot, he hit the money shot once again. Now, it was his time to give Bryce a taste of his own medicine. He said, “Why you tripping? Why you acting like that? Like this ain’t what I do? This is what I do, I’m GOAT bro, G. O. A. T. What’re you talk about stop playing with me, man.” The 16-year-old managed to get one shot in from the distance, but LeBron discarded it because “That was too much rim.”

Bryce really got into the zone with mid-range jumpers and made several shots, but calling his dad trash didn’t go well for him. The funny banter between the father-son duo has been a hit on the internet but what’s really surprising here is the sheer number of shots Bryce missed, which sort of contradicts the King’s claims about his son.

LeBron James claimed Bryce James was the best shooter in the clan

The James boys consist of the all-time points leader in the league, Bronny James, who declared for the NBA Draft 2024, and the shooting guard for Sierra Canyon. In this star-studded lineup, LeBron believes that Bryce is the best shooter and he publicly admitted to it.

In 2018, SLAM posted a compilation video of Bryce playing for the North Coast Blue Chips. In the clip, the youngest son of LeBron can be seen showcasing his impressive range on the court with some brilliant passes and long-range shots.

LeBron reacted to the clip on X saying, “#Facts The best shooter in this household for sure! #FlameThrower.” Unless he wasn’t taking the backyard game seriously, it seems Bryce has lost that touch.

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