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“Yo Ant You’re F**king Buggin”: Carmelo Anthony Wished Adidas Would’ve Discouraged Anthony Edwards From His All-Star Game Antics

Abhishek Dhariwal

"Yo Ant You're F**king Buggin": Carmelo Anthony Wished Adidas Would've Discouraged Anthony Edwards From His All-Star Game Antics

Leading the West with a 42-18 overall record so far, the Minnesota Timberwolves stand at the top of the Western Conference. The team’s success took a huge leap this year and a lot of that credit goes to the former number-one pick of the 2020 NBA draft, Anthony Edwards. However, as good as Edwards has been, what he pulled off during this past All-Star Weekend has been a topic of debate across the league, something a certain Nuggets legend recently gave his two cents on Edwards’ recent antics.

Carmelo Anthony took to his podcast, 7 PM in Brooklyn, to talk about Anthony Edwards, along with Golden State Warriors’ defensive anchor, Draymond Green. The two not only spoke their minds but may have also indirectly given some advice to the young guard.

“We talk about the greatness gene a lot. And he got it, Ant got the gene. He has the greatness gene. It’s gon’ go as far as he wants it to go. We talkin’ about how prestigious it is to be in that All-Star. It was disrespectful, shoot the left hand in the Trey, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it.’ Adidas should’ve been like, ‘Yo Ant, you are f**kin bugging’.” 

“Those conversations need to be had. Somebody should have…‘Ant, Yo, you bugging. Like, what are you doing? You shooting lefty and this is All-Star Saturday night.’ Everybody already looking at this like get this sh*t out the window. Like, throw this sh*t away. You have a chance to be the face of the NBA.”


Though it may not make it justified, it was before the All-Star weekend that Anthony Edwards went on to say that he was going to shoot with his left hand. However, while the rest of the interview may have been candid, his seeming lack of sincerity towards the game did end up rubbing some people the wrong way.

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Coming back to what Carmelo Anthony had to say, Anthony Edwards does have the potential to be the next face of the league especially given that the Minnesota Timberwolves star has only gotten better as each season has passed.

Within four seasons in the league, Edwards was able to take over the Wolves from former Rookie of the Year, four-time All-Star, 2022 Three-Point Champion, and former scoring leader of the team, Karl-Anthony Towns.

The fact that Edwards was able to do that is just a testament to how high his ceiling of potential may be. As for Melo’s remaining remarks, being the face of the league comes with a certain responsibility on how to act, react, and conduct yourself.

And with Edwards being the latest NBA star to sign with Adidas, perhaps someone from the multi-billion brand should’ve interjected and given Ant a reality check of sorts. Hopefully, Anthony’s take on his podcast does end up reaching Edwards and he at least considers it.

Anthony Edwards gets indirect advice from Melo


Anthony Edwards went into this year’s All-Star Game with a very casual approach. And given how the fans felt about the matchup by the end of the game, Edwards certainly did not do any favors with his antics.

Over the years, fans have voiced their frustration with the lack of defense and effort in the All-Star games. This year’s matchup ended up hitting an all-time low in rating and viewership as it combined for a 2.2 rating and 4.59 million viewers across TNT and TBS.

In the past, the All-Star game did have some competitiveness as stars put their best foot forward against other notable names from across the league. Back then, the All-Star game was something not just fans but even participating players looked forward to.

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Given how this year’s game had the lowest rating and viewership in All-Star history, let’s hope to see either the players stepping up next year or the league stepping in to make some changes.

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