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Neymar recalls watching Brazil’s semi final humiliation against Germany in 2014

Siddharth Nair

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Brazil were a step away from entering semi-finals of the World Cup. For all of the cynicism ahead of the tournament, the Selecao were just two matches away from being world champions in front of their home fans.

And right in the middle of this incredible journey was their 22-year old talisman, Neymar. Brazil’s number ten was the heart beat of this Brazilian side, as Neymar pulled the strings and spread magic dust over this work man like Brazil team.

But then all of a sudden, everything went up in smoke as Neymar suffered an injury that ruled him out of the World Cup. Forget the tournament, the Brazilian superstar was lucky to play football again. The doctors told him he was very fortunate, as a couple of centimeters to either side could very well have ended his career.

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Neymar could only watch, as Brazil then went on to completely capitulate in Bela Horizonte, as Germany put seven goals past them in what was one of the darkest chapters in Brazilian football.

Speaking to Gerard Pique, Neymar talks about how he could not believe what was happening to his side.

“Yeah, it was a very strange thing. I think in 30 games something like this wouldn’t happen. I really don’t know what was going on. I was watching and…What the hell is going on?”

“But I don’t know, it was one of those days that everything went wrong. And at the same time, everything went right for them. But, well, it’s difficult to talk about this from the outside, because I asked everyone who was on the pitch, and they said, “We don’t know what happened. Nothing worked. We couldn’t do anything. Nothing.””

“That World Cup … pffff … One word. Just … screwed … It’s very difficult because there can be hope … there can be growth … there can be faith … I can’t really find more words … But for me, it’s been bad. I would rather lose 7–1 than get injured, you know? But I was out, without wanting to be out.”

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