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Along With Earning $133 Million From the NFL, Cam Newton Raked In the Moolah by Investing Early in ‘MMA Juggernaut’ Called UFC

Samnur Reza

Along With Earning $133 Million From the NFL, Cam Newton Raked In the Moolah by Investing Early in ‘MMA Juggernaut’ Called UFC

Cam Newton might not have set foot on the gridiron for two years, but he remains as relevant as the day he left Bank of America Stadium. After spending the majority of his career with the Panthers and a one-year stint with the Patriots, the 2015 NFL MVP went on to earn $133 million through NFL contracts. But this is not the only source through which he has raked in the Moolah over the years. He ‘did it before it was cool’ and made millions by investing in savvy organizations like the UFC.

Superman has the true mindset of a businessman, as he has previously claimed that he made his first million before joining the NFL. His rookie contract was worth $22 million for four years, which he spent wisely, as it turns out. When the $732000 weekly checks started rolling in, the star QB knew that his earnings would always have a cap, no matter the contract. Therefore, he started looking for opportunities elsewhere and turning the wallet even fatter.

To accomplish this, Cam Newton became a minority investor in the MMA juggernaut, UFC, back in 2016. The management allowed him to invest the maximum amount of $250k and nothing more. He later tried to change their minds, but by that time, the company was bought out, and the NFL star was cashed out for it. As per Yahoo Finance, he made over a million dollars from that deal. No wonder he wanted to invest some more!

Aside from the UFC investment, the ex-Panthers player runs a property management company on the side, as per Andrew Petcash. Moreover, he has his own cigar lounge and restaurant in Atlanta. Cam didn’t stop at that – he also launched his own clothing line, offering ties, polos, hoodies, and business casual attire for young adults. His podcast is incredibly successful as well, featuring notable appearances from athletes to celebrities.

The former NFL star’s journey, as a businessman, started as a drive to become an owner rather than a mere player on the field. This all started back in his Panthers era, and he intends to go back in the same direction.

Cam Newton Wants to Become Panthers’ Team President

Cam certainly knew what he wanted for Christmas! The team that he led to the Super Bowl in 2016 is no longer the same. They are currently 2-10 and went through a major overhaul by getting rid of the head coach, Frank Reich, last month. It must certainly be tough for the Catman, as the Panthers continue their playoff drought for the sixth consecutive year.

Regardless, Newton had a solution and he presented it to the higher-ups. During his chat with the Cardiac Cats owner, David Tepper, the former QB, put forward a request to have a go as the team president. He emphasized his dedication by urging Tepper not to offer him any major deals, but to pay him through incentives. And he even guaranteed results. As per the Bleacher Report, Newton said,

I don’t want you to give me no money,” Newton said. “Have my contract be all incentive based. And in that regard, I guarantee you, you will get an ROI.

The way Newton has been careful about his investments, he must be really serious about this. Perhaps, a veteran like him in the Executive lounge will finally bring back the flare that the Panthers have been missing for over half a decade.

It’s not unlikely either as the times have been changing for the better and it was Jason Wright, who became the first black team president in league history back in 2020. Newton’s chances of getting recruited into the roster are now slim to none, as no one really knows if he can actually throw the ball anymore or startle a team’s starting QB by simply existing on the roster as a veteran, but his becoming a team president could be a long-term solution for the Panthers and perhaps a long-term investment for the former QB.

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