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Analyst Warns Jaguars to Wait a Year Before Sealing Trevor Lawrence’s $50M Deal

Yagya Bhargava

Analyst Warns Jaguars to Wait a Year Before Sealing Trevor Lawrence's $50M Deal

Trevor Lawrence has hit the mark for a contract extension this offseason, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are keen to finalize negotiations swiftly. Rumor has it that the deal could make Trevor the sixth QB in the league to pocket a $50 million annual salary. However, the big debate is: has Trevor really proven he’s worth that kind of cash? Or should the Jaguars play hardball and wait it out?

On Fox Sports’ SPEAK, hosts James Jones and Joy Taylor tackled the hot topic of Trevor Lawrence’s $50 million price tag. While Joy is all in, arguing the Jaguars should seal the deal as fast as they can or risk paying even more down the road after the price skyrockets, Jones is waving the caution flag, warning the Jags that rushing into this could be a costly mistake.

He urges the club to wait out another season and evaluate if Trevor has the capability to lead them to the playoffs. Although the former first overall pick managed to achieve this in 2022, he and his Jaguars fell short against the Chiefs in the Divisional Round.

“I need to see one more year and it might cost me a couple extra chips. If he goes out there and balls out and plays out of his mind and leads them to another playoff win or whatever. It might cost me some money but I need to see more from Trevor Lawrence.” James Jones remarked.

Trevor Lawrence’s NFL journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. In his rookie season, the former Tigers QB struggled quite a bit, throwing 12 touchdowns but also succumbing to 17 interceptions, and a passer rating of just 71.9.

But in 2022, he roared back with 4,113 yards and 25 touchdowns, leading the Jaguars to an AFC South division title. Then again, last season, despite battling injuries, Lawrence managed to throw for 4,016 yards and 21 touchdowns, but the Jags didn’t qualify for the playoffs.

Coming back to Joy Taylor’s point about sealing the deal: Does it make sense, considering Lawrence’s potential and the risk of his price tag soaring higher if they wait?

Joy Taylor Endorses Trevor Lawrence’s $50 Million Price Tag

Joy Taylor’s stance on the $50 million price tag for franchise quarterbacks seems to resonate well in today’s NFL landscape. With Trevor Lawrence emerging as the linchpin for the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s only fitting that he gets his slice of the pie. “You should pay him as soon as possible because this is the cheapest he will ever be,” she said.

“Do I think he’s done developing? No! Do I think that he’s achieved everything that he has been expected to achieve in the NFL? No! Do I think he looks exactly the way we expected him to look out of college? No! But I do think he is the franchise quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that’s how much a franchise quarterback costs,” Joy added.

Joy even likened the hefty price tag to the cost of living in big cities, quipping that if someone wishes to buy a house in a big city, it will come with a heavy price tag. Similarly, if the Jaguars wish to keep their franchise QB around, they will also have to accept the price tag that other teams are paying.

She did, however, suggest the Jaguars be smart about it, securing a deal that sets them up for success without blowing their budget.

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