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Despite Earning $57M in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch Never Touched a Dime of His Fortune

Aditya Rajput

Despite Earning $57M in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch Never Touched a Dime of His Fortune

Like most sports stars, NFL players are renumerated handsomely and can afford to enjoy a lucrative lifestyle. Likewise, Super Bowl-winning running back, Marshawn Lynch, has amassed millions from his NFL paychecks alone, although readers would be surprised to know that he hasn’t spent a penny from it. Sports entrepreneur Andrew Petcash recently revealed the story behind Lynch’s spending habits, and the truth is quite interesting.

The headlines often show how many pro athletes go crazy with purchases upon receiving their first paycheck. However, Lynch lives his life according to a simple philosophy. The running back believes that spending money without any reason is unwarranted, and as a player, all he really needs is to take care of his physical and mental health. This is exactly why he has yet to touch any of his NFL earnings.

Although this might make people wonder how he afforded a lavish lifestyle, the answer is quite simple. Being a successful athlete, Lynch has also earned millions through endorsement deals. In fact, reports suggest that the running back earned up to $5 million per year from contracts with top brands like Nike and Subway, and this was what helped him live the high life. On top of it, Petcash also revealed that Lynch has made quite a few smart investment choices.

The smart financial decisions of Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch isn’t just good at saving his money, he’s also an expert at making it work for him. Apart from creating his clothing brand, BEAST MODE, Lynch has gone on to invest in other companies like NRG eSports, PFL, and Dodi Blunts. This has led to a compounding effect on his wealth, allowing him to boost his net worth further.

When it comes to his clothing brand, the running back established it when he was still in the league. To this day, BEAST MODE has been a huge success and has raked in around $10 million in sales. Hence, it is no surprise that such smart money moves have led Lynch to build an incredible net worth of over $100 million. All in all, Marshawn Lynch has been very smart with his money and it remains to be seen if other players will choose to follow in his footsteps.

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Aditya Rajput

Aditya Rajput


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