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“Every Black Celebrity Knows That”: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Opens Up About the Neglected Accomplishments of OJ Simpson After His Death

Samnur Reza

"Every Black Celebrity Knows That": Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Opens Up About the Neglected Accomplishments of OJ Simpson After His Death

Eleven months after revealing his battle with prostate cancer, former NFL running back OJ Simpson took his last breath on Wednesday at the age of 76. This news, however, has since sparked all sorts of reactions; for obvious reasons. Six-time NBA champ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also on that list, who recently took to ‘X’ with a bold post, expressing that the late athlete couldn’t live up to the responsibility that comes with fame—while also implying that OJ’s murder accusations and the controversial 1995 trial destroyed his legacy as one of the greatest running backs on the gridiron.

It has been almost three decades since the infamous nine-month-long trial of OJ Simpson when the former NFL star was accused of brutally stabbing and murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Nicole was found lifelessly lying in a pool of blood right outside her LA condominium. Ronald also suffered the same fate; he came to Nicole’s house that day to return a pair of her sunglasses. Despite substantial evidence, OJ still got acquitted following the highly televised trial, which racked up to 100 million viewers. But as they say, people never forget, and after OJ’s passing, users all across social media didn’t hold their punches while taking jabs at the late NFL star.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, however, made his feelings known in a different tone. On X (formerly Twitter), the six-time MVP first asserted that every African American celebrity represents the Black Community, whether they like it or not, and added that despite ‘admirable accolades‘, OJ failed to fulfill that responsibility. He also reminded everyone: “His (OJ Simpson’s) life is a reminder of how quickly one’s legacy can crash and burn.

Every Black celebrity knows that, whether they like it or not, they represent the entire Black community. Sadly, despite admirable accomplishments as an athlete, OJ Simpson was not able to live up to that responsibility,” wrote Kareem.

At this very moment, social media is filled with memes and posts about OJ’s death. Even under Kareem’s post, while some appreciate the former center for voicing his thoughts, others were not on the same page since the 1973 NFL MVP was never found guilty.

When Did OJ Simpson Announce His Cancer Diagnosis?

According to People, OJ first announced that he had cancer in May 2023. While he had a known presence on social media, with posts about his health challenges, his life-threatening ailment was kept under wraps. It was only earlier this year when reports emerged that OJ was suffering from prostate cancer and was undergoing treatment.

Before Super Bowl LVIII, the former RB even made a brief video and addressed fans that he was doing fine and extended many thanks to those who reached out to him. However, he eventually couldn’t fight any longer against an ailment that is known to be all too unpredictable. His children informed everyone about OJ’s departure on April 10 on his social media account. They also noted, “(OJ) was surrounded by his children and grandchildren,” during his final moments.

Simpson will forever be remembered as one of the best running backs of the game. He might not have clinched a Super Bowl or played in one, but the ball carrier secured the MVP award in 1973 and also earned the Offensive Player of the Year nod in the same year. Moreover, the five-time Pro Bowler was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

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