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“Fire Your Agent”: Analyst Asks Why Dak Prescott Won’t Sign a 5-Year, $100M Deal With the Cowboys

Suresh Menon

Dak Prescott's Brother Reveals He Wants QB Out of Dallas After Getting Sick of the "Drama" From Fans

One of the biggest talking points heading into the season for the Dallas Cowboys is the contract situation regarding Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons. While the latter two can have tags and extensions placed, Prescott will end up a free agent next season, if an extension is not worked out. A reason for Dak and the Cowboys not having agreed to an extension is a disagreement on the monetary compensation. However, the QB’s recent statement that he doesn’t play for money has irked analysts.

Dak’s statement alluding that he doesn’t care about money didn’t go down well with the analysts at The Rich Eisen Show. Analyst Chris Brockman ripped into Dak and challenged the QB to take up a 5-year deal worth $100 million if he truly doesn’t care about money. Brockerman urged the Cowboys star to walk the talk. If his agent disagrees, then the analyst urges Dak to fire him and deal with Jerry on his own to stay true to his words.

“If he doesn’t play for money, then why doesn’t he just take a five-year hundred million deal so Jerry can pay CeeDee and Micah the max? [If his agent won’t let that happen] So fire your agent and handle the deal with Jerry yourself. If you want to be about it, if you want to speak about it then be about it. That’s what you have to do.”

Former NFL linebacker Kirk Morrison for instance argued that most players don’t play for money. But respect and power are a big deal in the NFL, which can only be achieved with a big-money contract. Kirk hence wasn’t a fan of Dak’s response and wanted the QB to think differently or speak honestly.

“I know we don’t play for money but we all know Money, Power, and Respect right? The money gives you power and the respect, especially in the National Football League.”

Dak, in a recent presser, iterated that he doesn’t play for money, nor does he care for it. The QB also insisted to the reporters that he isn’t worried about the extension delay as his focus is completely on what he can control – on-field performances. Rest, he trusts his team and Jerry Jones to pay what they deem is deserving for a QB and leader like him.

Meanwhile, on the opposite spectrum, we have had popular sports analyst Pat McAfee, who loved Dak’s response.

Pat McAfee Lauds Dak Prescott For His Measured Response

On the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the analyst lauded the sincerity of Dak and believed that it was the correct statement at this time considering the unrest in the fanbase caused by the extension saga. Not only does the statement calm the fanbase down but also puts Dak in a good light himself, Pat appreciates this.

Lastly, the analyst also shared his belief that people often find things when they stop looking for them –  a popular adage in matters of the heart. Pat applied the same philosophy in this situation and gave Dak the confidence that the money would come, so he is doing it right by not focusing on money.

“I think it was a great answer for the situation now saying he gave it all up just to play the game and never cared for it, part of the game I guess it’s not really my thing… I appreciate that. I respect the hell out of that. You know sometimes when you’re not looking for something, you find it. When you’re looking for something you can’t, like he wasn’t looking for money he found it… and that’s why that’s a beautiful answer out of Dak Prescott.” 

While one can debate all night long on whether Dak cares about money or not, the statement does hint that Dak is willing to stay with the Cowboys. A statement like this doesn’t allow him to backtrack for monetary reasons. Thus it’s reasonable to assume that Prescott will soon be signing the dotted line unless the relationship between the parties breaks down massively.

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