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“He Can’t Say the Things He Want To Say”: Chad Johnson and Shannon Sharpe Call Bluff On Dak Prescott’s Remarks On Earning Money

Anushree Gupta

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Dak Prescott awaits a contract update from the Dallas Cowboys and the buzz around his potential deal has caught the attention of many pundits and fans. Expected to be one of the next big news in the league, Prescott’s contract situation has been a hot topic. However, Prescott made headlines by stating how little he cares about the money, and Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson didn’t stay quiet on that.

In their latest edition of ‘Nightcap‘, Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson humorously addressed Prescott’s comments about not being concerned with his contract situation. They used their humor to highlight the reality that, as much as Dak Prescott loves the game and they love him, financial considerations are always a part of the equation for professional athletes.

“I love Dak to death and he’s saying all the things he has to say,” Ocho remarked. “He can’t say the things he wants to say. He’s doing everything right, he always has done everything right. He’s been a Pro’s Pro, but at the end of the day, as former players, we know that money matters.”

Chad Johnson, with his perspective as a successful player, had a pragmatic approach to the matter. However, they both acknowledged Prescott for his philosophical stance and his love for football, especially given the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Cowboys. In the end, while Sharpe and Johnson had fun with Prescott’s comments, they recognized the balance he was trying to strike between his genuine passion for the game and the business side of being a franchise quarterback.

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson Take a Friendly Jab At Dak Prescott

Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson injected their humor into their discussion about Dak Prescott’s contract situation, drawing laughs as usual. The co-hosts Sharpe and Johnson, who are never the ones to shy away from jokes, used their platform on “Nightcap” to poke fun at Prescott’s statement.

“We love our fans, we love doing this, having an opportunity just to talk to our fans. You and I wouldn’t do Nightcap for free,” Sharpe said.

The conversation quickly turned back to Prescott’s surprising comments about money. Shannon Sharpe expressed his astonishment at Prescott’s words and turned to Johnson with a hypothetical question. He enquired if even $150 million for 5 years was enough for someone like Dak.

But Chad Johnson brushed the notion aside, pointing at Prescott’s leverage in negotiations with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. And much like the duo’s brain-storming, it seems America’s Team is busy deciding on Prescott’s contract.

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