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Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce Bobblehead Night: Cavs Won the Game & the Internet After Paying Special Video Tribute to the Eagles Legend

Suresh Menon

"Everyone Gets Hit in the Head": Travis and Jason Kelce Boldly Claim 20% NFL Players Are Flat-Earthers

Last night saw the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Boston Celtics in what turned out to be one of the most memorable showdowns in recent memory. While power forward Dean Wade’s last-quarter magic saw one of the biggest comebacks in Cavaliers history, the guest of honors had us all check if we had something in the eyes. The chief guests for the night were none other than Cleveland’s very own NFL superstars, Travis and Jason Kelce. In honor of the guests, the Cavs hosted a Kelce Brothers bobblehead night, where fans in attendance received a one-of-a-kind bobblehead featuring the Kelce duo.

The night was made more magical for Jason and Travis when the Cavaliers surprised the Older Kelce with a tribute video after the former Eagles star announced his retirement earlier in the day. The two-minute-long montage video started with the two brothers in their childhood playing with each other, with the initial voiceover, expressing how infectious Jason’s tenacity was and that it was passed onto his brother Trav.

The video then quickly took a jump to Jason’s NFL debut and his exploits in helping the Eagles win their maiden Super Bowl. From his best plays in crucial games to his iconic Super Bowl victory speech in Philadelphia, the tribute video celebrated the best of Jason that we love. The video ended on a cute note showing Jason Kelce playing with his daughters on the field.

The tribute video matched the emotional intensity displayed by Jason during his retirement announcement speech in the morning. This struck a chord with fans, sparking nothing but wholesome reactions. Take a look:

While wholesome vibes from the Kelce brothers dominated the matchup, margins were extremely tight on the court. In fact, before the final quarter, the Green Team were the favorites. But a historic comeback in the last round ensured that the fans and Kelce brothers had a blockbuster ending to a memorable night.

Dean Wade Leads Cavaliers To A Stunning Comeback Victory Over The Boston Celtics

Before the Celtic-Cavaliers bout last night, the Boston-based team was on an unbeaten streak of 11 games—the NBA’s longest. Naturally, the Celtics entered this game as the heavy favorites. Then again, the matchup played out exactly as predicted in the pre-game, with the scoreboard reading 87-71, in favor of the Celtics at the end of the third quarter. Under normal circumstances, the showdown would have been done and dusted for the trailing side. But not tonight.

Cavaliers Power Forward Dean Wade took things into his own hands as he single-handedly outscored the Celtics in the final quarter. Wade scored five three-pointers and tallied 20 points in the fourth quarter. Lo and behold, the Celts saw Cleveland usurp their 22-point lead thanks to a final second replay review won by the Cavaliers. The match ended 105-104 for the Cavaliers. Notably, this was the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in Cavs’ history.

This was a comeback victory that the Cavaliers fans will remember for a lifetime. Post-game, Cleveland players warmly greeted and chatted with the Kelce brothers, who were relentlessly rallying for them throughout the entire game. Cavs center Jarrett Allen even credited the Kelce brothers’ support as the reason for their belief in the comeback. Allen said.

“Honestly, when the Kelce brothers started hyping up the crowd, we knew we could do it” 

Safe to say, the Kelce brothers went home happy! Did you catch the game last night? Let us know in the comments.

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