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Insider Reveals Fanatics Already Paid Marvin Harrison Jr. “Six Figures” Amid Ongoing Lawsuit


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The Fanatics vs Marvin Harrison Jr. drama is shaping up to be an unprecedented legal quandary. The two camps have presented wildly different versions of events, and the plot seems to keep thickening. Amidst all this, information presented by sports insider and investor Joe Pompliano last week could potentially tip the scales in Fanatics’ favor.

According to the lawsuit filed by sports apparel company Fanatics, Marvin Harrison Jr breached a contract between the two parties by not fulfilling his contractual obligations. While Harrison Jr has denied ever signing a contract, Joe Pomp has revealed on his podcast that he apparently received money from the company:

“I have been told, and I think this was redacted from the lawsuit, but… he’s already been paid six figures of the seven-figure sum. Not only does he know that he signed the agreement but he’s already been paid money from the agreement, and now he wants to renegotiate the agreement.”

Details of the agreement have been redacted from the lawsuit but Joe Pomp’s revelation about the company paying the WR six figures could be the smoking gun. The suit has described Harrison’s compensation as “significant” and that they made payments over several months to him. Rumors suggested it was worth upwards of $1 million. If Pomp’s information is accurate, the company has already made payments worth “six figures” out of that sum to the young athlete.

As the investor suggests, if Fanatics is able to present proof of payment to the rookie, their case might just be rock solid. Marvin, for his part, would need to explain how he interpreted payments and why he accepted them, or whether he has already returned them or plans to do so if he had indeed not signed a contract.

Marvin Harrison Jr. Tried to Restructure The Deal?

Per the lawsuit, Marvin Harrison Jr. was looking to renegotiate his deal with Fanatics, alleging that he had received competing offers from other companies. The WR was allegedly looking to restructure his deal with Fanatics and demanded that the company meet or exceed said offers but didn’t provide them with proof of such offers when asked.

Rumors suggest that Harrison Jr. and his team might’ve gotten wind of the fact that his collectibles could be worth more than what Fanatics was offering and wanted to get a better deal. However, the case as it stands, with the information available right now, does not look very favorable for the young talent.

Joe Pomp himself thinks this alleged attempt at trying to get more money might not have been the best move for the Cardinals WR. There are several strategies the WR could use to counter the suit, but at the end of the day, his success in pursuing those strategies would hinge on the wording of the contract. Most importantly, just the existence of this lawsuit could severely damage his career and future business prospects, so it would become imperative for him to win this.

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