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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid to Be Replaced by Bill Belichick Next Year; Suggests NFL Insider During Bizarre Take

Yagya Bhargava

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid to Be Replaced by Bill Belichick Next Year; Suggests NFL Insider During Bizarre Take

Football analyst Craig Carton claims Bill Belichick’s next coaching destination will be Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL legend, second in all-time wins, recently concluded his tenure with the New England Patriots. Despite a snub from the Falcons, potential vacancies with the Seahawks and the Commanders are still on the table.

The coaching carousel continues as speculation surrounds Belichick’s potential impact on a new team. Then again, Bill Belichick was overlooked in favor of the Rams’ defensive coordinator, Raheem Morris, despite two interviews with the Atlanta Falcons.

Voicing thoughts on ‘The Carton Show’, host Craig Carton proposed a scenario where current Chiefs head coach Andy Reid retires after this season. He then adds that Chiefs owner Clark Hunt could potentially bring in Belichick as Reid’s successor in Kansas City.

I think Bill Belichick will be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs next year. I think that’s where he goes after Andy Reid retires after this year. There’s some smoke around that he may retire. He had a great Hall of Fame career.” The NFL Analyst said.

Craig Carton believes neither the Seahawks nor the Commanders would be interested in bringing in Coach Belichick as their new leader because it would jeopardize the GM’s position. However, the majority of fans expressed skepticism about the idea, questioning the likelihood of Andy Reid retiring in the midst of Patrick Mahomes’ prime years. Take a look:

The notion of a coaching change at the reigning Super Bowl champions stirred debate and received mixed reactions from followers, with some finding the concept improbable or amusing. However, it’s worth noting that there are many who are unsure about Coach Reid’s future in the league.

Is Andy Reid Retiring? All You Need to Know

Andy Reid himself has denied any imminent retirement plans, despite rumors suggesting his potential departure. The leap from speculating on Reid’s future to the idea of Bill Belichick taking over raises questions about organizational changes. The Chiefs, with a successful Super Bowl history, may not be inclined to alter their structure.

All the more, Coach Belichick is known to assume full power, which could add complexity to the Chiefs’ locker room. The reigning Super Bowl-winning coach said recently, per Ravens Country:

I haven’t even thought about that. I’m thinking about one thing. I figured that would come up when you guys were asking these questions, because I’m old. But not that old.”

His popularity in Kansas City, especially after winning last season’s Super Bowl, remains strong. Reid’s impact is significant with a solid campaign leading to the AFC Championship game. Although many questioned his coaching techniques this season, they are again on the verge of lifting the Lombardi. They just have to showcase their full potential for two more games and the speculations created by several analysts might go down the drain.

The prospect of Bill Belichick taking over as coach of the Chiefs seems highly unlikely, given his long-standing role in player decisions with the Patriots. A significant shift in responsibilities for either Belichick or the Chiefs’ current structure would be required for such a scenario.

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