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Keyshawn Johnson Details Why Tom Brady’s Michael Jordan Comparison Makes Zero Sense

Samnur Reza

Keyshawn Johnson Details Why Tom Brady's Michael Jordan Comparison Makes Zero Sense

Tom Brady has recently hinted at a comeback to the NFL, leaving fans and pundits alike to speculate on the truth. After warming the couch for one full year, could it be worth it if an opportunity presented itself? Perhaps he’d add another ring to his eighth finger, or maybe two more, just like Michael Jordan once did following his return from a 21-month hiatus. ‘Undisputed’ host Keyshawn Johnson, however, doesn’t seem to think so.

During a recent episode of the show alongside Skip Bayless, Keyshawn reacted to Tom Brady’s comeback hint on ‘Deepcut with VicBlends’. The ex-Patriots man had claimed that he is “not opposed” to the idea of taking the field again since he is and always will be in shape. Johnson disagreed with that notion and added that Brady is turning 47 next August. This would make it quite hard for him to adjust to an NFL team’s playing scheme if they actually were to bring him in during the late regular season. All of a sudden, Brady wouldn’t be running the ball on the ground if he were to replace Lamar Jackson.

Keyshawn further expresses, “I don’t think Tom Brady would even do it though. It’s (just) good conversation.” As TB12 brought up the six-time NBA champ, Michael Jordan, while manifesting a return to the gridiron, the former wideout stressed that one shouldn’t forget that football and basketball are very different sports. It didn’t take long for Jordan to adapt to the basketball court, whereas it would be a whole different scenario in football, given the physical nature of the game.

Basketball’s totally different. Michael Jordan was totally different,” Johnson further said. “They not gonna allow Tom Brady to drop back and throw football — they gonna try to get him. And when you are removed from football for two seasons, it’s different than being removed from basketball for two seasons.”

Speculations aside, the seven-time SB champ himself had reconsidered his retirement in 2022, which ended in the first round of the playoffs. So, there is a chance, even though it’s slight; however, he would face high expectations from fans.

Can Tom Brady Be as Successful as Michael Jordan Upon Return?

According to ChicagoTribune, Michael Jordan made a comeback to the court in 1995 after a 21-month hiatus. He already had three championship rings under his belt upon his return; thus, the expectations were sky-high. His Airness, however, didn’t immediately start making an impact. It took him till his fourth game back against Atlanta when he won the fans over. And it took a game-clinching jump shot to seal the deal. In the following three seasons, Jordan would go on to win three back-to-back championships, forever etching his name in the history books.

However, Jordan was just 32 at that time. Age certainly has its toll, and he wasn’t an exception either. During his second return as a Wizard, the six-time NBA champ had breathtaking showcases here and there, but the Jordan everyone loved wasn’t quite there. The club also couldn’t make the playoffs, and after knee surgery, MJ had to call it a career.

Perhaps things would be different for the ex-Buccaneers man, who named three teams he would consider playing for; the Raiders, the 49ers, and, of course, the Patriots. Yet, his Raiders acquisition makes his comeback tricky. Although it’s a unique situation, it’s highly unlikely that NFL clubs would allow him to take the field again, especially if he became one of them. For now, it’s nothing but uncertain, and only time will tell how everything transpires.

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