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As Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Go Viral at Mavs Game, Mayor Wishes NBA to Come to Kansas

Ayush Juneja

As Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Go Viral at Mavs Game, Mayor Wishes NBA to Come to Kansas

Travis Kelce and Hollywood Brown joined Patrick Mahomes in attendance at the Dallas Mavericks’ 3rd game of the Conference Finals. While the Kansas City Chiefs are dominating the NFL, the Kansas City mayor wants a similarly dominant NBA team in his city.

While Mahomes’ home state of Texas has three NBA teams- Mavericks, Spurs, and the Rockets, giving fans an option to choose from, the city of Kansas or even the state of Missouri has no NBA team.

Hence, the mayor, Quinton Lucas, recently took to X(formerly Twitter) to campaign for the NBA to introduce a team in his city. Mayor Q enjoyed seeing Mahomes at the game and stated that if Kansas gets a team, the people of the city will be there all the time. He said,

“Love to see it. Bring the Association back home to Kansas City and you’ll get KC folk all the time.”

This wasn’t always the case as the city enjoyed a brief period of professional basketball when the Cincinnati Royals moved there and became the Kansas City Kings in 1972. However, the team didn’t stay there for long as they soon relocated to Sacramento in 1985 and were renamed the Sacramento Kings.

Kansas has been longing for a franchise ever since and fans are now optimistic as the NBA plans to introduce two new expansion teams. Still, from the looks of it, the chances of the KC getting a team are slim to none as Las Vegas and Seattle are the frontrunners.

Well, fans feel that a professional basketball team based out of Kansas will get the same love as the Chiefs, and they want their local hero Patrick Mahomes to accomplish this impossible task.

Patrick Mahomes Rallies For Kansas City NBA Team

Mahomes might not support an NBA team other than his favorite Mavericks but he wants the Kansas City locals to have the pleasure and opportunity to watch their own team much like the rest of Texas. As a result, he is actively rallying for the NBA to introduce a franchise in Kansas City.

As per, despite hailing from Texas, Patrick is investing his money and time in local Kansas Sports teams. He has already invested in the Royals and Sporting KC and is now taking the initiative to bring the NBA to Kansas.

Mahomes’ love for basketball is widely known. The 3-time Super Bowl winner was a hooper in high school and from the clips on social media, he enjoyed playing the sport and was quite good at it. Even though his talents were obviously more suited for football, his love for hoops didn’t diminish.

Well, the Chiefs star has been attending NBA games for several years and was even interested in playing in the NBA Celebrity All-Star game. He has connections and means to make the unlikeliest dream possible. However, there is one problem with his plan.

No billionaire wants to invest his time and money in bringing an NBA franchise to KC. The City will need to upgrade its infrastructure. Their recent reluctance to upgrade Arrowhead using tax money presents a problem that no team owner wants to deal with.

Even Clark Hunt and the Royals owners are looking to relocate when their lease is up. This isn’t a good sign for a city that dreams of bringing another sports team into their city.

Post Edited By:Shraman Mitra

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