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“Nobody Tuning in For Oregon”: Chad Johnson Claps Back at Dan Lanning For Pregame Speech Against Deion Sanders’ Colorado

Prasenjeet Singh

“Nobody Tuning In For Oregon”: Chad Johnson Claps Back At Dan Lanning For Pregame Speech Against Deion Sanders’ Colorado

Deion Sanders might have lost but his mission is still up and going. Despite all the slander over his embarrassing loss against Oregon, Coach Prime is still eyeing a successful season ahead. Backing him up is Chad Johnson, who also clapped back on the Oregon Coach for taking shots at Sanders in his pregame speech.

The six-time pro bowler responded to Dan Lanning who claimed that Deion Sanders plays for clicks but he plays for wins. Chad Johnson didn’t take kindly to Lanning’s comments and made sure to defend Coach Prime. The recent defeat hasn’t dampened his spirits, and Deion Sanders is determined to lead his team to victory in the upcoming games.

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Backs Deion Sanders

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson didn’t hold back while defending Sanders in a response to Dan Lanning’s pregame speech. Discussing the incident with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Ocho said, “What Colorado has been able to do or what the Prime effect has been able to do is, well nobody tuning in for Oregon. When was the last time you watched college football and say, ‘Oh man, I can’t wait to watch Oregon play, I can’t wait to see what uniform'”.

Ochocinco has the view that Deion Sanders has had an instant impact on college football. He is drawing attention and viewership through his charismatic and engaging approach. So instead of demonizing him that he is doing it all for clicks, Chad reckons Coach Prime deserves appreciation for his efforts. Explaining this, Ocho said,

“It’s basically you know what y’all having too much much fun right now. I’ve always said, ‘When it comes to players like Prime, myself, and others that were very boisterous and flamboyant, they expressed themselves in other ways that other people didn’t see fit.'”

There’s no doubt in the ability of the Buffs HC to generate excitement around the game. Moreover, Ochocinco’s remarks also reflect the sentiment that the influence of Coach Prime extends far beyond the football field.

Shannon Sharpe Also Backs Coach Prime

Shannon Sharpe also weighed in on the clash between Dan Lanning and Deion Sanders. Sharpe acknowledged the viewpoint of Ochocinco and also backed Sanders. He said,

“Look, nobody’s shocked. Everybody knew top to bottom that Oregon had the better roster and Coach Prime on ‘First Take’ said, ‘I need seven-eight more dogs’. He says I’m seven eight dogs away now he probably will get 12. He probably gonna get 10 to 15 on them dogs.”

Sharpe believes that with Sanders’ recruiting powers, he could potentially bring in even more elite players to bolster his roster. On a similar note, former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl also backed Sanders on the Dan Lanning matter. He said, “I literally can’t remember the name of the Oregon football coach anymore. Back to general anonymity. Maybe he needs more clicks? But everyone still remembers Coach Prime and the impact he’s having on his program and college football. Keep doing your thing, Deion!!”

At the end of the day, there’s no doubt that everyone wanted the fairy tale to continue for the Colorado Buffaloes. However, no one is perfect and losing is just a part of the game. What matters is that you move forward every new day and that is what Deion Sanders is doing. The Buffs would be looking to bounce back strongly in their next game against USC.

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