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NFL Stat Leaders: Passing Leaders Coming Into Week 5

Ashish Priyadarshi

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NFL week 5 is set to kick off, and this season has shown how pass oriented the league is. Here are the top 5 passing leaders coming into week 5.

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#1. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys:  1,690 Yards

Dak Prescott’s campaign to earn himself a new contract has started in a major way. He leads the NFL in passing yards with 1,690 and is over 300 yards clear of second place. He also has nine passing touchdowns to only three interceptions.

What makes this surprising, however, is that the Cowboys are currently 1-3. The Dallas defense has been historically atrocious this season.

Attributing any of the Cowboy’s struggles to Dak Prescott is foolish. He’s been playing lights out since week 1.

The good news for Dak and the Cowboys is that they play in a division where the first place team is 1-2-1. NFL Week 5 gives them a chance to turn things around against the winless Giants.

#2. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills: 1,326 Yards

Josh Allen is quickly turning into the franchise quarterback the Bills hoped he’d be when they drafted him 7th overall in 2018. Additionally, coming into week 5 Josh Allen is currently third in the league in passing touchdowns with 12. What’s even more impressive is that he has only one interception.

He’s also added three touchdowns on the ground. The Bills are undefeated and Allen is a big reason why.

#3. Russel Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: 1,285 Yards

Wilson is angry. He hasn’t received a single MVP vote in his entire career, and it looks like it’s finally dawning on him. Wilson has been gunning this season, and he leads the league in touchdown passes with a whopping total of 16 through week 5.

The Seahawks haven’t lost a single game, and it’s because Russell Wilson has been playing like a man possessed. He’s coming hard for that MVP award, and this year may finally be his year.

Entering week 5, Wilson also has the highest passer rating in the league at 136.7.

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#4. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: 1,246 Yards

For Falcons fans, Matt Ryan’s play has to be painful to watch. No, not because he’s been playing bad, but because the Falcons have a 0-4 record, blowing massive leads in weeks 2 and 3. The #firedanquinn movement has never been stronger as week 5 approaches.

Ryan has only thrown 2 interceptions heading into week 5, and it’s been clear that his play has elevated the Falcons offense. He’s also done this while playing with an injured Julio Jones. This is particularly clear when looking at how Calvin Ridley has developed under Ryan.

#5. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: 1,214 Yards

Rodgers may be Wilson’s strongest competition for the MVP award heading into week 5. While the rest of the quarterbacks on this list have a few household names to throw to, Rodgers has been airing it out to people you would only know if you were a Packers fan.

Rodgers is absolutely torching the league with 13 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions. His passer rating of 128.4 ranks second in the league, and he’s taken only three sacks this year.

You could say he’s been motivated by the Packers seemingly drafting his replacement in this year’s draft instead of more weapons for him to throw to. He also remembers people calling him “washed.”

The Packers are currently undefeated entering week 5.

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