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“Randy Moss Made Tom Brady Untouchable”: Rob Gronkowski Gets Honest About TB12’s GOAT Status

Anushree Gupta

“Randy Moss Made Tom Brady Untouchable”: Rob Gronkowski Gets Honest About TB12’s GOAT Status

Rob Gronkowski is undoubtedly a massive fan of Tom Brady, especially as he saw the quarterback firsthand as his former longtime partner. Gronk knows TB12 better than anyone how special the quarterback’s presence was on the field was. However, even the former tight end believes that Brady’s success wasn’t just all him, naming Randy Moss as one of the most crucial names behind his GOAT status.

On an episode of the “Games with Names,” Gronk shared memories of standing alongside Moss, Brady, Julian Edelman, as well as Wes Welker during the big night as Tom Brady was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Naturally, an emotional moment for Brady and his teammates, the thought of it also brought back a lot of memories for Gronk as he said,

“Tom Brady will always be Tom Brady,” he noted, “But Randy Moss made Tom Brady untouchable.” Edelman, who agreed with Gronk jokingly added, “That was the first air raid offense!”

Further on, Gronkowski added some spice to the story as he discussed the domination of the trio of Brady, Moss, and Welker from 2007 to 2009. In his address, he also praised Wes Welker for taking Brady to a whole new level just like Randy Moss.

They were scoring like no one ever before in the NFL,” concluded Brady’s former partner.


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Randy Moss’ impact on the Patriots knows no bounds. His presence shaped TB12’s formative years, giving way to a journey that made him a football legend. And even the “GOAT” himself might have to agree with Gronk on this one.

Moss, who once had Brady’s back on the field, also made sure to be there for him as the legendary quarterback made his Hall of Fame touchdown.

Randy Moss Accompanied Tom Brady on His Another Day of Achievement- The Hall of Fame Ceremony

It was indeed a moment of honor and as he joined Brady on the stage, and the audience made sure to acknowledge the same with a thunderous minute-long standing ovation. Known for his typically stoic demeanor, even Randy Moss couldn’t hold back his emotions at Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction.“It always good to feel this,” he managed to say, his voice thick with emotion.

The moment that is now etched in the hearts of every Tom Brady fan has certainly taken quite the place in Rob Gronkowski’s soul too. The former tight end reminisced about the heartwarming scene as he stood beside the legends including Randy Moss and felt the wave of emotions create ripples throughout the room. “Randy Moss deserved that standing ovation,” Gronkowski later said on the podcast.

Indeed, the magic of the Brady-Moss bond is undeniable. Although they never won a Super Bowl together, Randy Moss’ influence on the Patriots’ offense has created a legacy.

In his first three seasons with the team, Moss was a scoring machine. He grabbed 23 touchdowns and 98 catches. This explosive play allowed Brady’s game to flourish, with his completion percentage soaring to 68.9%. The duo’s performance even earned Brady his first MVP award.

Though it is now a thing of the past, the competitive spirit and the bond between Brady and Moss remain strong. Seeing Moss, a player who stood as a symbol of strength has certainly overwhelmed the NFL community.

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