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Rich Eisen Breaks Down Tom Brady’s Five Dimensional Chess Move

Utsav Khanna

Rich Eisen Breaks Down Tom Brady's Five Dimensional Chess Move

Tom Brady, for the umpteenth time, broke the internet by dropping comeback hints. Some things have become rather routine in the off-season NFL. The Cowboys getting trashed, Rodgers trying something totally new and totally unrelated to football, and Tom Brady toying with the NFL world by hinting at comebacks. Well, it does move the needle every time it happens because the 7x champion invokes fear in almost all divisions of the league.

But Eisen believes it’s all smoke and mirrors. He’s only making this play so that the NFL owners quickly agree to his minority acquisitions of the Raiders, and block any future options the QB might have of coming back. Eisen says, “That’s a four-dimensional chess play. (Brady says) Let me sit down in Vic Blends’ chair and start talking about you know what; I kinda like to play still. But they might not let me if I’m an owner. That’s a potential 5 dimensional chess play by Tom Brady”

If he chooses to join a team in the future, it automatically decreases the chances for that division, conference, and possibly the contending champions. That’s the impact of what Brady brings to the table. And yet, Rich Eisen believes that this is nothing but a chess move by Tom Brady. He believes that the 45-year-old former quarterback is only making sure he gets the ripe discount from Mark Davis for his share of the Raiders.

During a segment on the likeliness of Brady coming back, Eisen and co. gave it a 1 out of 12 on if the second comeback from TB12 really happens. But he also notes something interesting about the exchange. Eisen plays along, saying, “Let’s just say the Niners find themselves in the situation Vic (Blends) just laid out. They suddenly run out of quarterbacks again… The injury bug hits them like crazy.. And they call up Tom Brady. And already he’s a member of the Raiders ownership. If you’re Stan Kroenke, do you vote to allow him to come back?”

Eisen strongly contends otherwise. He does not see any NFL owner accepting Brady coming to their division or even conference. When others on the show argue that if Brady were to come back, the overall purse would increase, Eisen contradicted that with the revenue a team misses out on if they didn’t win it all and didn’t host the parade for their city.

Rich Eisen Believes Tom Brady is Playing Five-Dimensional Chess

Eisen believes that Brady understands that no owner will allow him to play. And if they want to give themselves the opportunity to block the seven-time Super Bowl champ from coming back, they must agree to the ownership rights. As reported, currently, the owners have not gone through with it because Brady is apparently getting the “GOAT” discount. And other owners are not happy with what that means for the value of their teams.

But the 53-year-old NFL insider suggests owners should preemptively agree to his ownership stake in Las Vegas. Eisen says, “I would preemptively say, Tom, you want a piece of the Raiders? Take it. Yes, I’ll raise my hand right now to take your piece off the board.” By piece here, Eisen refers to Brady’s ‘player’ piece on the NFL chess board. A piece that remains alive till he’s not part of any particular team and thus still a factor for the quarterback-less teams.

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