“Russell Wilson is going to be Seattle’s Quarterback”: Linebacker KJ Wright Reacts To Seahawks QB Trade Rumors

Kartik Mathur
|Published February 26, 2021

Amidst the Russell Wilson trade rumors, Seahawks Linebacker K.J Wright voiced his opinions on the current situation in Seattle.

K.J Wright believes Russell Wilson will remain the Seahawks Quarterback in a recent interview.

Russell Wilson won’t be leaving the Seahawks as “he means too much to this organization”

The veteran linebacker K.J Wright recently claimed that the Seahawks won’t let Wilson leave Seattle. After there being reports that the Seahawks might trade him, it seems unlikely to Wright.

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The Seahawks have had a winning record in each of Russell Wilson’s nine seasons. Therefore it is unlikely the Seahawks trade him.

K.J Wright’s future in Seattle also remains uncertain

Wright’s contract with the Seahawks ended this year. While he was a huge key piece to the Seahawks defense, recording 86 tackles, 2 sacks and 10 pass deflections.

However, the Seahawks are tight on salary cap and also have other important players they would like to resign. Some names being Shaquill Griffin and Chris Carson. While the Seahawks would love to bring back the veteran linebacker, it wouldn’t come at a cheap cost.

Russell Wilson trade rumors

Trade rumors have intensified about Wilson potentially leaving Seattle. Though his agent confirmed he doesn’t want to leave Seattle, talks about trading for Wilson are still well and alive.

As per reports, it is believed that the minimum base price for Russell Wilson would be 3 first-round picks, along with a lot more. Teams being linked to his potential landing destinations are the Raiders, Dolphins, Bears and Cowboys

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