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Tom Brady Reveals Three Reasons Why Chiefs Have a “Less Than 50% Chance” to Win a Three-Peat in 2025 Super Bowl

Yagya Bhargava

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The Kansas City Chiefs are on the cusp of a historic feat, aiming for their third consecutive Super Bowl victory. But every NFL enthusiast knows that this road is paved with obstacles. Recently, Tom Brady, in conversation with Colin Cowherd on his podcast, ‘The Herd,’ discussed the significant challenges ahead for the defending champs.

Brady, with his wealth of experience, understands just how slim the margin for error is when defending a championship. He made it clear: the Chiefs will need to contend with a “razor-thin” margin of error from the first game to the last. Tom Brady didn’t just point out one challenge; he had a whole list, drawn from his own storied career.

“To win three in a row; there’s a reason why no one has done it. Because it’s hard to win one in a row. So to put three of those together in back-to-back-to-back seasons with drafting last, a very hard schedule, all the turnover and free agency, guys continuing to be motivated. It’s a big challenge.” Brady said.

First off, Brady highlighted the draft disadvantage: winning teams draft last, which means less opportunity to snag top talent. However, the Chiefs did manage a surprise in the 2024 NFL draft by moving up the board to select Texas star Xavier Worthy. Then, there’s the grueling schedule and the impact of free agency, both formidable hurdles.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion also touched on the mental grind, stressing that maintaining the same level of motivation every season is quite tough. However, he wasn’t trying to dampen the Chiefs’ spirits but rather to underscore the reality of their situation.

It will definitely take an exceptionally determined team to defy these odds. “There’s not a 50% chance of that happening; there’s way less than that,” he remarked. According to Tom Brady, the Chiefs will need to show up every day with relentless energy and effort because every other team is gunning for them.

It’s about showing up with the same energy, the same work ethic, and the same hunger to win, day in and day out. The journey to a three-peat is grueling, but with relentless effort, it’s not beyond reach.

Tom Brady Discussed Key Factors That Could Pave the Path for the Chiefs’ Three-Peat

The Kansas City Chiefs’ trio of Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce is a fan favorite, and rightfully so. Tom Brady, during his chat with Colin Cowherd, emphasized that these three need to be at their best for the Chiefs’ journey to be smooth.

Brady praised Andy Reid’s laser-focused coaching style, noting that Reid never relies on hollow motivation like, ‘We were great last year, so we’ll be great again.’ Instead, Reid knows what it takes to tackle new challenges head-on and keep his players in check.

And then there’s Patrick Mahomes, arguably the best quarterback around. Brady feels that if Mahomes brings his magic, the Chiefs have a solid shot.

Travis Kelce? Brady believes that Travis is the ultimate safety net for Mahomes when he finds himself in a tough spot. Brady also gave a nod to players like Rashee Rice and Chris Jones, and of course, the mastermind on defense, Steve Spagnuolo.

Despite this dream team, Brady reckons the Chiefs need to conquer some big obstacles to truly be called a dynasty and etch their name in NFL history.

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