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“What You See Eyes Closed Is What You See Eyes Open”: Aaron Rodgers Details Disorienting Experiences During Darkness Retreat

Anushree Gupta

“What You See Eyes Closed Is What You See Eyes Open”: Aaron Rodgers Details Disorienting Experiences During Darkness Retreat

Aaron Rodgers is becoming quite the headline magnet, thanks to his intriguing stories and conspiracy theories. Even during his year off the field, he keeps fans interested with tales of his unique life experiences. One of the most fascinating is his five-day darkness retreat, which he took in early 2023.

Aaron Rodgers described the retreat as living in complete darkness in his conversation with Tucker Carlson. According to the star quarterback, it was a setting that messes with one’s sense of reality.

“The weirdest thing was night 1; I had a bad dream, like a nightmare,” Rodgers recounted. “Normally, when you’re at home and have a weird dream, you wake up, orient yourself, ‘okay, I’m fine, I’m on my bed’. Then you’re kinda get back to able to sleep… But in the darkness, what you see with your eyes closed is what you see with your eyes open.”

This made it impossible for him to shake off the eerie feeling that he experienced. He further shed light on how, during the retreat, even simple tasks became a challenge for him. When asked what Rodgers needed to do if he had to relieve himself at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, Rodgers reminisced,

“It took me five minutes to get to the bathroom. I had to move super slowly, feeling around to avoid bumping into things.”

Living without clothes was another part of the experience for the Jets quarterback. “You’re not really wearing clothes most of the time because you don’t need to,” Rodgers explained.

Interestingly, for Rodgers, the complete darkness provided a sense of freedom. However, this wasn’t all. This freedom came with much more depth. He further revealed that, amidst the disorientation, there were moments of calm and serendipity.

Aaron Rodgers Unveils Experiences From His Retreat

Aaron Rodgers’ way of exposing himself to new experiences has interested the fans more than ever. His journey of physical recovery has helped him embrace newer experiences. Similarly, his last retreat provided him with the utmost satisfaction, even in the most mundane acts.

In his interview, Rodgers explained how he felt a great deal of healing emotion, especially around mealtime. Food was delivered once a day through a double-sided door to keep the light out. Using his senses, Rodgers identified and savored each bite.

“You have all the time in the world, so you savor every bite and eat super slow. It’s very meditative,” he said.

Aaron Rodgers’ account of his dark retreat paints a picture of how even a standout athlete perseveres to find themselves. His willingness to dive deep into his mind and soul also highlights how he can embrace discomfort, a quality that can set him forward as a great quarterback.

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