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No one from the corporate side influences any cricketing calls of Dhoni, says Gambhir

Saksham Mishra
|Wed May 30 2018

Former Captain of the Delhi Daredevils Gautam Gambhir has said that no one from the corporate side influences any cricketing calls of Dhoni in the Chennai Super Kings set up.

Gautam Gambhir has been one of the most successful IPL Captains. He has won two cups as Captain for KKR and also scored bulk of runs for the side.

However, following a bad run of form, Gambhir stepped down from the DD’s captaincy. Shreyas Iyer was then made the Captain of DD. Gambhir did not even feature in the remaining matches for the DD franchise.

Many speculated that Gambhir had quit captaincy following sustained pressure from Caoch Ricky Ponting and the Delhi management. However, Gambhir took full responsibility of the team’s dismal run and stepped down from captaincy.

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Recently, Gambhir was very candid in the column that he wrote for The Times of India. The veteran Indian batsman wrote:

“A lot goes into the world of franchise cricket. It is an expensive business – franchise fees, salaries of players and support staff, travel, stay etc. There is one more head that no balance sheet shows: EGO. Most owners are successful outside the business of IPL. Just like cricketers, they hate to lose.

But while cricketers can sportingly accept defeat against a better team, team owners are ruthless as they measure everything against Return on Investment (ROI).”

Gambhir further said, “Given the circumstances, if the owners interfere in on-field matter, can you really blame them? But Chennai Super Kings are different. MS Dhoni is their de-facto cricketing boss. I have heard from Dhoni that no one from corporate side influences any cricketing calls.

You can argue that it cuts both ways that since CSK have played record seven finals there is every reason for Dhoni to be given a free hand.”

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