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“His Mom Won’t Able to See the Star That She Birth”: Track World Mourns as Letsile Tebogo’s Mother Passes Away Due to ‘Brief Illness’

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“His Mom Won’t Able to See the Star That She Birth”: “Track World Mourns as Letsile Tebogo’s Mother Passes Away Due to ‘Brief Illness.'

Athletes all across the world are already under a lot of pressure as they prepare for the July Olympics in Paris. Many of them are attempting to avoid any injuries or negativity that may have an impact on their mental or physical well-being. However, fate dealt a heartbreaking blow to the track world when Track Gazette on X revealed the unfortunate passing of Letsile Tebogo‘s mother.

According to the source, Seratiwa Tebogo passed away after a brief illness. The Botswanan athlete’s mother has played a crucial part in his life, supporting him throughout his athletic career. Undoubtedly, this tragedy will leave a huge void in the track star’s life as his beloved mother won’t be able to witness any of his future achievements.

Naturally, such a tragic update left the entire track community in complete shock.

While Tebogo will be exhibiting a lot of his prowess this Olympic season, a fan was devastated by how his mother won’t be there to witness it.

This is a terrible blow for the Tebogo family, and this fan has expressed their condolences.

The athlete’s mental health may suffer substantially as a result of this unfortunate event, and this user offered Tebogo the sympathy he requires at this critical time.

The Olympic Games will be held in July, and with only a short time left, this fan hopes Tebogo shines in the event and dedicates it to his mother.

On top of it, many of Tebogo’s admirers were devastated by the shocking news.

Keen observers will know that Tebogo’s mother has often attended her son’s events in the past. Back at the 2023 World Championships, when Tebogo won silver in the 100 meters and bronze in the 200 meters, Seratiwa was thrilled and even answered a few questions in the post-race interview.

Letsile Tebogo’s mother filled with pride and joy for her boy

X user Deji Ogeyingbo took to social media to share a clip of Seratiwa Tebogo’s interview from when she attended her son’s 2023 World Athletics Championship in Budapest. In the interview, Seratiwa made it evident that she was extremely proud of whatever Letsile has achieved, and was overjoyed that her son was able to elevate Africa and Botswana to such high levels in this captivating sport.

The interviewer also wanted to know how Letsile developed his outstanding athletic abilities, and Seratiwa stated that the 20-year-old has been running since a very young age. She even disclosed that he was interested in soccer, but due to circumstances, he switched to athletics as his primary sport.

On top of it, Seritawa also mentioned that she loved surprising her son by turning up announced at his events. So, it is now up to Letsile to fulfill his mother’s dream by making a name for himself at the Olympics.

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