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Sha’Carri Richardson Stuns in Style in Her Latest Venture With Sprite

Radha Iyer

Sha’Carri Richardson Stuns in Style in Her Latest Venture With Sprite

Known for her quirky sense of style, bright wigs, long braids, and extra-long coffin nails, Sha’Carri Richardson has flaunted her sense of fashion unabashedly. And while she dominates the track with her speed and strategy, she recently sat down with her beverage partner, Sprite, to share some fun anecdotes about her sense of fashion.

Richardson has often garnered attention to her aesthetic that she painstakingly carries off even on track. Her iconic nail extensions have witnessed several changes over time, be it the shape, length, color, or pattern. For the commercial in particular, her new nails matched the color code of the beverage as they sported various shades of green and yellow.


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As the team worked to touch up her hair that she wore straightened for the occasion while attaching the brand new nail set, she reminisced about her childhood. As a black kid, she recalled significant memories of sitting in her grandmother’s kitchen while she straightened her hair with an iron for school pictures.

Richardson has since also experimented with various hair looks, sporting brightly colored wigs and braids or even sporting her natural hair in full glory for some commercials. Ever since her comeback, it seems like she has embraced a unique sense of style that has gifted her more confidence.

“My favorite part of glam is… everything. I enjoy the moment of getting my hair done. I enjoy getting my face beat. I enjoy getting my nails slayed…coz for me, I’m just sitting there, and they doing all the work, and I’m the canvas.”

She recalled how she got a bold set of nails for the first time when her aunt took her to get her nails done as a kid. Yet, she doesn’t regret them since they acted as a push for her to find joy in the activity.

“I remember they were pink with cheetah print…from there, I was hooked on my nails. Nails have always been my art. Like they’ve always had my attention.”

Perhaps it went on to set a new aspect to her personality as well since fans know Richardson to be as bold as her style. Be it running on track or clapping back at the media and trolls for criticism, she doesn’t hold back on her words and lives her truth without hesitation.

Amidst all the noise outside, Sha’Carri Richardson finds her calm in her family

In the recent Netflix documentary series ‘Sprint’, makers followed Richardson on her journey to the World Championships last year in Budapest. As she recalled the events that transpired to her winning the title, she couldn’t help but mention her support system.

Her family has always supported her through thick and thin, especially when the world poured in with criticism over her performance previously. Before the World Championships, she participated in the Silesia Diamond League, where they called her up to encourage and fuel her for the competition. She was grateful for them since they kept her grounded through the chaos, and always looked forward to their cheers.

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