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Track Icons Justin Gatlin and Rodney Green Discuss Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone’s Stunning Record

Radha Iyer

Track Icons Justin Gatlin and Rodney Green Discuss Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone’s Stunning Record

Sometimes, track and field events can witness some of the most historic moments in the most mundane of situations, giving rise to elite athletes. The US Olympics trials this season saw Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone ace the 400m hurdle like never before – by breaking her own world record right during the trials.

Justin Gatlin and Rodney Green couldn’t help but pull up her footage from the trials, which was impressive enough to render both of them speechless. The recording of the 400m hurdles showed the dramatic distance between McLaughlin-Levrone and other competitors as she comfortably crossed the finish line with seconds to spare.

What stood out to the icons even more was how she didn’t even have to wait for the main event at the Paris Olympics to break her own record. She easily pulled the feat off during trials, thus putting her international competitors like Femke Bol under pressure.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone
Image Credits: Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone Official Instagram

Green couldn’t stop appreciating the champion, wondering if she could go even faster leading up to the Olympics. Gaitlin pointed out how this situation could be frustrating for her upcoming competitors since they could be struggling to catch up with her old record.

“As an elite athlete, you literally train…to whatever the world record that is previously there…and you’re working to be as good or better. And then comes along Sydney and smashes her own record.”

And it looks like McLaughlin-Levrone won’t stop at simply smashing her world record alone. She has a number in mind that she wants to beat, and Green touched upon the subject briefly.

“In Oregon, the year she did break the world record, she wants to run 49! That’s what they’re coaching to!”

McLaughlin-Levrone has a lot to look forward to this season, and while her talent is bespoke and out of this world, it is also surprising how she is versatile enough to fit into multiple track events. The Olympics aside, she’s also set to be a part of a revolutionary movement in the track and field world, courtesy of Michael Johnson.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone becomes the first athlete on contract for Michael Johnson’s venture

Recently, track legend Michael Johnson wanted to introduce a new form of league that could potentially change the face of the sport with its unique characteristics. The ‘Grand Slam Track League‘ is his brainchild and involves a combination of sprints, hurdles, and distance running couplets. Participants are expected to win a slam group to be eligible for grand prizes.

McLaughlin-Levrone became the first athlete who Johnson signed on a contract for the event. This meant that not only would she have to participate in her strong categories, but she would also end up with monetary benefits whether she wins or loses. The idea was to encourage participants to give their best to receive hefty perks.

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