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“The Funniest Game on Steam”: Everything you need to know about Party Animals

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A new Indie RPG called Party Animals is grabbing eyeballs. A demo version was launched and was played by thousands. Lets take a look at what we know so far.

Indie games are the new rage this year. Usually fps shooting and battle royale games are the highest grossing ones. Lately this trend is shifting. With the advent of Fall Guys, Among Us, etc Indie game are the ones most talked about. e might have annothe addition to this list with Party Animals.

What is Party Animals all about?

Party Animals was showcased during the recent Steam Festival. In the game, players are dressed up as cute animals and push other players off the platform. The last player standing is the winner. With its ragdoll physics and additional melee weapons like shovels and rackets, its a lot of fun.

The demo version of the game was a big hit in the Steam festival. It broke several records for concurrent game downloads. Recently YouTubers like PewDiePie, CORSPE, Jacksepticeye and others were seen playing it in a video titled “The Funniest Game on Steam”.

Where can you play the game?

The game was free to download as a demo back at the time of Steam Festival. As of now the demo is not available. But with a release date reported to be later this year we might see a release sooner than later.

Although nothing is confirmed yet but seeing the response received by demo version the game might even be released on xbox, playstation and switch.

Indie: The new kings of video games –

Indie games are usually released by smaller game studios with less resources. As everyone knows the popularity of Among Us and Fall Guys is unparalleled recently. Both were developed by small indie game studios and that is nice to see. Similar is the case with Party Animals, Recreate Games are the ones behind the upcoming game.

With not much time to go for the release, will Party Animals be the new game on everyone’s lips? only time will tell.

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