PMWL Live Standings and Points Table for Day 1 : BOX Gaming on 1st Position at the end of Day 1, PMWL East League Finals Day 1 Schedule & Prize Money

Gautham Balaji
|Published August 06, 2020

PMWL Finals Standings and Day 1 Result: Keep reading for more details about the PMWL 2020 League finals. Check out where to watch the event, schedules, format, standings and teams participating in it.

After multiple weeks of League rounds, the top 16 teams from both the East and West division will take part in the League finals of the PMWL 2020 League Finals. PUBG World Mobile League 2020 is the first PUBG event for the year organised by Tencent.

After weeks of intense PUBG action, the 16 teams from each division which have qualified after the Super Weekend will battle it out in the PMWL 2020 League Finals.

PMWL Finals 2020 Schedule – Day1

Match 1 Erangel 
Match 2 Vikendi
Match 3 Erangel
Match 4 Miramar
Match 5 Sanhok
Match 6 Erangel

PMWL Finals Day 1 Satndings

1Box Gaming6110
2Bigetron RA696
3U Level Up Esports687
5Orange Rock654
7RRQ Athena653
9GXR Celtz644
10Team Secret643
11Valdus The Murder638
12Reject Scarlet638
15Yoodo Gank628
16King of Gamers Club626

2nd $ 50,000                10th $ 2,0001st $ 100,000                9th $ 2,000All the teams will be fighting over a prize pool of $425,000.PMWL 2020 League Finals Prize Pool

3rd $ 20,000                11th $ 2,000
4th $ 10,000                12th $ 2,000
5th $ 8,000                  13th $ 2,000
6th $ 5,000                  14th $ 2,000
7th $ 4,000                  15th $ 2,000
8th $ 3,000                   16th $ 2,000

Finals MVP = $ 10,000

As you can see above, $226,000 is split equally between the two division.

PMWL 2020 League finals details

Where to watch PMWL 2020 League Finals

Fans can watch the League Finals of the PMWL 2020 on 3 video streaming platforms on the internet: Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.

All matches will be live-streamed on the Official PUBG Mobile Esports Youtube channel. The games will be streamed in 7 different languages.

Date & Time

The Eastern division of the tournament will play their first game 7 am CT on August 6th.

The Western division of the tournament will start from 1 pm CT on the same day.

The PMWL 2020 League finals will be held from August 6th to August 9th.

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