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Repetitive Fouls by Coltin Cole Make Alan Klingbeil Prevail Over in the Light Heavyweight Category at Power Slap 7

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Repetitive Fouls by Coltin Cole Make Alan Klingbeil Prevail Over in the Light Heavyweight Category at Power Slap 7

Following a clear-cut opening round, Alan Klingbeil and Coltin Cole engaged in a challenging, foul-filled bout in the second light heavyweight event. However, as there can be only one victor at the Power Slap 7, Klingbeil overcame his 34-year-old opponent.

Due to good luck, Coltin Cole got the chance to slap Klingbeil first, as he won the toss. The striker took his position alongside the defender, but Cole’s clubbing foul caused the game to dramatically change course.

Alan Klingbeil took control as a striker as a result of this foul; however, Cole maintained his confidence. But things took a turn, which got worse for Cole when he flinched as Klingbeil was slapping him, committing another foul.

The 32-year-old had an advantage over Cole thanks to this foul, and he made the most out of it. Klingbeil gave Cole a powerful slap that made him count stars in the ring. But the 34-year-old athlete got back to his position in time.

Klingbeil stood tall and confident, as did Cole, who was feeling confident. However, the instant Cole committed a stepping foul, the entire event concluded. The 34-year-old committed two striker fouls in a row, and he was disqualified from the competition.

With the announcement of this result, Alan Klingbeil took the victory in Power Slap 7 at the UFC Arena in Las Vegas. However, winning the game didn’t satisfy the athlete but rather frustrated him.

Alan Klingbeil opens up on his frustration with his opponent

Like every athlete, Alan Klingbeil hopes to advance in the combat sports hierarchy. Although he had already battled several of them, his latest victory over Coltin Cole left him annoyed. The sportsman discusses his confidence in his takedown ability in the post-match interview with Charly Arnolt.

Going to Power Slap 7, the athlete anticipated a great battle with Cole. However, the expectations of Klingbeil were shattered, the moment his opponent received a foul for flinching during the striker’s slap. Cole even went on to commit multiple fouls, which resulted in his disqualification. Klingbeil secured an easy win, but it wasn’t something on his bucket list for the event.

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