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Russel Rivero Knocks Out Cody Belisle to Win the Light Heavyweight Category at Power Slap 7

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Russel Rivero Knocks Out Cody Belisle to Win the Light Heavyweight Category at Power Slap 7

The UFC Apex Venue is the arena for Power Slap 7, in the ever-dazzling city of Las Vegas. The event got off to a great start with Russel Rivero taking home a win, by marking his palm on Cody Belisle’s chin.

The only factor separating the two athletes, who are both 31 years old, was their height. Belisle was a powerful 6’3″, while Rivero was only 5’9″. Fortunately, for Rivero, he won the toss and got to slap first. He was excited, just like the whole crowd who was anticipating the event.

Belisle, who is accustomed to these circumstances, likewise maintained his composure. Even though the statistics for Power Slap history usually favor the first person to slap, these kinds of events are always unpredictable.

Rivero prepared himself and slapped Belisle in the face; however, the athlete flinched, which was deemed a foul. Due to the foul, Rivero was given an additional opportunity to strike his opponent again. Though Belisle persevered, it was high time the event had a winner.

Similar to his previous slap, Rivero threw Belisle a hard blow directly up his chin. This time, there was no penalty on the part of the six-foot-tall athlete, but he was unable to get back up, giving the win to Rivero.

Rivero was overjoyed when the judges declared him the winner. His winning run of two takedowns was the cause of his upbeat attitude. Later, after the event, he also revealed the strategy that he used against his tall opponent, which even shook the interviewer.

A tall opponent doesn’t scare Russel Rivero

Many enthusiasts were worried about Russel Rivero’s height when he showed up for the Power Slap 7. However, it didn’t faze him that his opponent was six inches taller than he was. According to Charly Arnolt’s post-match interview on Power Slap’s official YouTube channel, she spoke with Rivero about a specific tactic. It was the same strategy that he was going to employ against his tall opponent.

Rivero concurred, saying that he did employ the tactic since, to him, his opponent resembled a double scoop of vanilla ice cream. The athlete also discloses his next goal, saying that he wants to continue his winning streak. However, he did say that he wants to face tougher competitors in his next Power Slap event.

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