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Power Slap 7: Damien Dibbell Retains Heavyweight Title in a Dramatic Main Event Win Against ‘King’ Ryan Phillips

Radha Iyer

Power Slap 7: Damien Dibbell Retains Heavyweight Title in a Dramatic Main Event Win Against ‘King’ Ryan Phillips

Power Slap 7 has a returning heavyweight champion, Damien Dibbell, defending and winning his title for the second time throughout his career. The main event of the season witnessed him go up against Ryan ‘The King’ Phillips in a dramatic match.

The onstage rivals had already hyped the show with countless posts and banter online and were all set to compete through five rounds. However, the match didn’t last that long since Power Slap competitions often tend to have unexpected twists and unpredictable ends.

The match started on a slow note when Phillips’ strikes began falling flat on the reigning champion. But both athletes held up strong against each other until the third round when Phillips earned a foul for clubbing. This situation marked his crucial disadvantage that acted upon his already weak strikes through the rounds.

In the fourth round, things took a surprise turn as Dibbell snagged the win with a clean knockout. His form had been impeccable throughout the match, and his strikes already had some strength to them. Knockout wins had already been his thing since this match marked his third out of four knockout wins in his career.


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Fans had already been rooting for Dibbell because of his strong presence in the ring and online. Many had been voicing their support for him in his recent Power Slap 7-related posts, including his banter with Phillips. His second heavyweight title comes with a promise of more calculated strength and strategy in future matches.

This match was one of the two main events of the Power Slap 7. The penultimate match took place between Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata and Austin Turpin, where the latter took the title.

Wolverine vs. Turpin at the Power Slap 7

Marking one of the main matches of the event, undefeated champion Ron Bata went up against Austin Turpin for the heavyweight category. In a surprising turn of events, however, Turpin became the first-ever athlete to have won against Bata.

The match became even more interesting with the number of twists and turns fans witnessed. Towards the end, Turpin sported a bruised face and a swollen eye, while Bata had his beard hair ripped off. Amidst fouls and drama, the former won the match, drawing cheers from the crowd.

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