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Premier League player claims Aaron Wan Bissaka is one of the hardest right-backs in league to face

Tanish Chachra

Premier League player claims Aaron Wan Bissaka is one of the hardest right-backs in league to face

Premier League player claims Aaron Wan Bissaka is the toughest right-back in the Premier League to face while being on a podcast show.

Trent Alexander Arnold and Aaron Wan Bissaka are two bright prospects in the English national team and have been representing two biggest clubs of the Premier League.

Although Alexander Arnold has more glory to boast with the current form of Liverpool, whereas, Wan Bissaka has impressed the experts with his solid defensive skills.

However, Crystal Palace defender Patrick Van Aanholt has claimed that Wan Bissaka is one of the hardest right-backs in the league while claiming he is better than Alexander Arnold defensively.

“Better than Alexander-Arnold? Without a shadow of doubt,” he told the Counter Attack podcast when asked about United’s young star. “They are different players. Defensively, Aaron is unbelievable, better than Trent.

“Yes, Trent has got his attacking and his corners, his right foot. But if you ask Wilf [Zaha] who he would want to play against, every other day, Trent or Wan-Bissaka, I think he will say Trent.”

“I have got respect for Trent, because he does everything with his assists and he is great, but defensively, just ask Sterling how good Wan-Bissaka is.

“It is a problem, and he will switch. He is one of the best right-backs, I think he could be, his attack is good, but he needs more goals or assists to his name.

“Defending comes first, but in the modern game, you need to attack, and at United, you get more of the ball, so go forward and show what you have got, but he has been doing good.”

Over here, Van Aanholt has spoken highly of Wan Bissaka, but this statement was taken out of context by few fans and it was badly represented in public, where it was thought that the Crystal Palace defender said that Wan Bissaka is better than Alexander Arnold.

To which the Dutch International came in public and clarified that his words are being falsely represented and totally admires the 21-year old Liverpool star.

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There’s no doubt that Wan Bissaka has incredible defensive attributes which are very rare in modern full-backs, which has slightly refreshed the system in the Premier League.

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