“Rahul Dravid will not get carried away with all the success”: Gautam Gambhir hits out at Ravi Shastri after India’s series win over New Zealand

Rishikesh Sharma
|Published 22/11/2021

Gautam Gambhir takes a dig at Ravi Shastri after India’s series win over New Zealand. He has praised Rahul Dravid’s humility.

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has taken a dig at Ravi Shastri after India’s clean sweep over New Zealand. Gautam has said that Rahul Dravid will not go over the top after any series win. Gambhir has taken a dig at Shastri’s “this Indian team is one of the great teams that have played the game” comment.

After his tenure as the head coach, Ravi Shastri gave an interview where he boasted about the team. “The way they have traveled across the globe and performed in every corner of the globe in all formats of the game will make this, irrespective of what’s happened here, as one of the great teams in the history of the game,” Shastri said.

However, even after the clean sweep against New Zealand, Rahul Dravid was calm in his approach.

“We have to keep our feet on the ground and be realistic, especially with bigger things down the line in the next 12 months,” Dravid told broadcasters.

“It’s not easy for New Zealand to play a World Cup final, turn up three days later, and play three games in six days. We knew it was never going to be easy on them.”

Gautam Gambhir takes a dig at Ravi Shastri

Gautam Gambhir, in an interview with Times Now Navbharat said the following things, “The one thing I found surprising is that when you play well, you don’t usually boast about it. It’s fine if others talk about it; when we won the 2011 World Cup, no one gave statements saying that this team is the best in the world, let alone country.”

Gambhir insisted that Dravid will always carry humility and will not go over the top after any series win.

“When you win, let others talk about it. You won in Australia, that’s a big achievement no doubt. You won in England, performed well, no doubt. But let others praise you. You won’t hear such statements from Rahul Dravid,” Gautam said.

“Whether India play good or bad, his statements will always remain balanced. Moreover, it will reflect on other players.”

“Humility is very important, whether you play good or bad. Cricket won’t go on forever. I think Dravid’s major focus will be on players being good people first.”

After winning the T20I series, India will take on New Zealand in the first test game on 25 November 2021 in Kanpur.

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