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“Natasha Will Kill Me For This”: Here’s Why Gautam Gambhir Was Afraid To See His Wife After A Commercial Shoot

Rishikesh Sharma

"Natasha Will Kill Me For This": Here's Why Gautam Gambhir Was Afraid To See His Wife After A Commercial Shoot

Former Indian batter Gautam Gambhir used to be very aggressive on the field but was known for his reserved nature off it. During his playing days, he even used to stay away from public appearances. He is not someone one would come across partying around or posting dance videos across social media platforms.

However, he was once forced to shake a leg or two during a promotional shoot before Indian Premier League 2017. Since he was the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, he couldn’t say no to participation for sponsor-related reasons. In his column for Hindustan Times as quoted by The Indian Express, Gambhir had revealed how even co-owner Shahrukh Khan couldn’t convince him to dance at parties.

The sponsored ad was the first time when Gambhir had danced in front of the camera, but he was more concerned about the reaction of his wife, Natasha Gambhir, primarily because of him refusing to dance with her on several occasions in the past.

“I know my wife Natasha will kill me for this as I have turned down her demands, instructions, and even appeals to shake a leg with her. I didn’t even dance at my brother-in-law’s bachelor’s party,” Gambhir had written.

Alongside Gambhir, his former KKR and Indian teammates such as Yusuf Pathan and Robin Uthappa were also part of that shoot. Both of them were quite comfortable, whereas Gambhir was seen smiling and playing a musical instrument. As a result, fans were also elated by watching this side of Gambhir.

Natasha Gambhir Felt Embarrassed For Denying 2011 World Cup Final Tickets

Unlike Gambhir, his wife isn’t entirely interested in cricket, or maybe, she wasn’t at the time the two were in a courtship. Speaking to Jatin Sapru on his YouTube Channel, Gambhir had revealed an incident which she feels embarrassed about. A match which the whole country was keen to watch, Natasha had conveniently ignored an opportunity of watching ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 at the Wankhede stadium.

After winning the semi-final against Pakistan in Mohali, Gambhir had offered Natasha to watch the final in Mumbai. Having said that, she didn’t realize the grandeur of the occasion only to hand the tickets to her siblings. Natasha, however, understood the magnitude of it after India won the tournament and the whole nation was on the streets.

“She said, ‘Why is the whole country celebrating?’. I said, ‘We’ve won the World Cup after 20-odd years’. Even if you ask her now, she gets embarrassed about rejecting the offer for that game when her sister and brother were there,” Gambhir had said.

For the unversed, Gautam and Natasha tied the knot later in the same year after dating for a couple of years. Both their fathers were great friends. Additionally, it was reported that once Gautam had once lent a loan of INR 73 Lakh to his multi-millionaire father-in-law.

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