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The reason why Toni Kroos decided to leave Bayern Munich

Aryan Sinha

The reason behind Toni Kroos leaving Bayern Munich for Real Madrid, was the lack of faith shown in him by Bayern’s Chief Executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

This astonishing claim has been made by his close friend and former youth teammate Stefan Reinhartz.

Since leaving Bayern, Toni Kroos has gone to become a crucial man of Zinedine Zidane’s winning squad.

While speaking to Bleacher Report, his friend said,  “Toni is a friend of mine, and I know the whole story. It was a little bit about money.”

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“Bayern Munich offered Toni a new contract. Toni knew what Mario Gotze was earning at Bayern Munich; Toni and Mario Gotze are [roughly] the same age. Bayern Munich didn’t want to pay Toni more than €10 million.”

Bayern Munich CEO told Toni: ‘We won’t pay you more than €10 million a year because you’re not a world-class player.’

“If you know Toni, it’s not about money. He needs the confidence of other people. He knew he was a very good player, a world-class player. That was the breaking point.”

Kroos has been linked with many big names in the Premier League, his friend went on to add how the ‘silent Galactico’ would improve any club he joined.

He said: “He has a really good overview of the pitch. You could cover his eyes with your hands, and he could still tell you on the right-hand side 50 metres away is Thomas Muller and on the left side is Mesut Ozil, 25 metres away.”

“If it’s possible to break the line [between midfield and defence], he’ll play it, but if it’s not possible, he won’t play it. He doesn’t make mistakes, and he rarely ever gets injured. It seems like it’s effortless, like an easy Sunday morning run-out.”

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