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“Should I go back to that uno?”: Titans WR AJ Brown Reacts to proposed NFL jersey number rule change.

Arth Chandra

"I'm going to be great or I'm going to try dying": A.J Brown aims to leave a legacy in the NFL

AJ Brown was a force at Ole Miss, terrorising defences with quick agility and excellent catching ability. And since coming into the league, he is forming into an elite wide-out for the Tennessee Titans. Now, with a proposed rule change, we could see AJ Brown go back to rocking his college jersey number.

The NFL has had a rule that limits players to a list of numbers for every position. Players, particularly DB’s, WR’s and RB’s, have been asking for single-digit numbers for years. Their requests could finally be fulfilled.

The NFL revealed the proposals Thursday, which will be voted on by owners, and one from the Chiefs seemed to generate the most interest. It simply seeks to “amend Rule 5, Section 1, Article 2, to expand jersey number options for certain positions.” If 75% of the teams agree, the NFL will look more like the college game.

The proposed rule change will extend the available numbers for players.

Players still won’t be given complete autonomy on their jersey numbers but it’s still a step in the right direction.

AJ Brown was one of many players who reacted to the new proposal. He trolled his fans, giving everyone that owned a Brown jersey a major shock after he tweeted that he might switch to his college #1 jersey. However, he did give them all a relief after he tweeted that he won’t actually switch his number.

All-Pro Cornerback Jalen Ramsey also revealed that he would love to rock single digits for the Los Angeles Rams.

If the proposal goes through, we could see a very different league in the years to come. Going back to the old Deion Sanders quote, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.” so maybe the former rookies should strongly consider a change if this rule passes.

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