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Sourav Ganguly says Kumble’s decision to step down was a personal call

Utkarsh Bhatla

Sourav Ganguly

The Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli saga has cast a dark cloud over Indian Cricket. Almost all stakeholders involved feel a bit suffocated at this point and need someone to lift the lid in order to let some fresh air come in. Cricket has taken a back seat and almost everyone has been sucked into this political tussle that is brewing in the Indian Cricketing fraternity.

The fact that Kumble had to hand in his papers is a clear indication of who between the captain and the coach is the boss, something that presents a very slippery field for anyone who is going to fill up the vacant spot.

Kumble wanted everyone to know that he had to move on because of a strained relationship with the Captain, and Kohli responded to it by saying that it was Kumble’s decision to step down and the entire nation should ‘respect’ that. Also, he did not want to get into the dressing room details, saying that anything that happens in the dressing room should remain confined within those walls.

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian Captain, who is also part of the CAC(Cricket Advisory Committe) told Hindustan Times that it would take some time to select the next coach, as Kumble’s decision to step down was a last minute one, something that the CAC had not prepared for.

“He has resigned at the last minute. It is not possible to have someone (so early),” Ganguly said.

When asked about Kumble’s decision to step down, Ganguly said he can’t really comment on it, as it’s a personal call that Kumble has made.

I don’t know. It is his personal choice. I don’t want to talk about it. It is a decision of the coach,” he added

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