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“They were pickpocketing me” – Jinnytty gets pickpocketed while live streaming in Amsterdam

Nilotpal Chakraborty

Jinnytty pickpocketed in Amsterdam

Yoo “Jinnytty” Yoonjin is popularly known for her IRL streams on Twitch. She has been to several countries and cities, broadcasting her travel. She is now traveling Europe, and it was just a day back that she was streaming her travel day in Amsterdam. It was midway down her IRL stream when she became a target for pickpocketing. 

She was warned by someone pointing her out that two guys she was talking to earlier had their hands in her bag. Jinnytty was lucky enough to have no valuables in the bag. She also discusses the hardships she has to face as a live streamer

It was terrible for Jinny to be targeted for pickpocketing in Amsterdam. Let’s dive in to see in detail what happened and know about the hardships she faces. 

Jinnytty becomes a target for pickpocketing while live streaming in Amsterdam

Jinnytty is in the middle of her Europe tour, and it was a day back she was IRL streaming her day in Amsterdam. Although the stream started well, it was towards the middle that a person approached her and warned her that the two guys she was speaking to were pickpocketing her bag. He also asks her to check her purse for valuables. 

Then she explains to her viewers that the guys were trying to pickpocket her. They had their hands in my bag. But she checks her bag and feels relieved. Jinnytty did not place any valuables in her purse. Her phone was the only valuable, and she held that in her hand. So there is nothing that could be stolen from her bag. 

Jinnytty proceeds to add that she could not even talk peacefully to people. She constantly worries about people believing she could get targeted for pickpocketing while talking. She also sighs, asking why every people try to pickpocket in Europe. 

Jinnytty also adds a few words about her difficulty as a Korean while live streaming. She states that she grew up in Korea in a very safe atmosphere and thinks that is why Koreans and Japanese become massive scamming targets.

Jiinytty’s unfortunate circumstances in Amsterdam generated high heat amongst the online community, and here is what people are expressing about her situation. 

Koreans and Japanese are not the only people who face terrible circumstances as Jinnytty did. Click here to learn about a Russian live streamer who was assaulted in the streets of Madrid.

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