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Mitchell Hooper Pulls Off Jaw-Dropping 430 Lbs Stunt on His ‘Off Day’ Leaving Fitness World in Awe

Radha Iyer

Mitchell Hooper Pulls Off Jaw-Dropping 430 Lbs Stunt on His ‘Off Day’ Leaving Fitness World in Awe

Canadian strongman Mitchell Hooper doesn’t shy away from showing off his strength. Both the Arnold Strongman Classic events in the UK and the US were a testament to how powerful he could get with proper training and recovery. With several titles to his name and more potential ones to win, 2024 will test the Moose’s strength to its heights. For this occasion, he has been preparing with some heavy lifting that he posted on Instagram.

Hooper worked with a 430-pound weight this time. The task was to perform an overhead press with the dumbbell, which could’ve been impressive enough. But he went a step further and performed two reps with the weight, leaving fans in utter shock.

Revealing the weight in the caption, Hooper almost bragged about how he set it to a comfortable level since it was his day off. The extreme strength, combined with the possibility of him pulling off heavier overhead presses, left the fans in a frenzy. He wrote in the caption:

“195kg (430LBS) x2

Comfortable on an off day. Onwards and upwards.”

One fan was shocked to see Hooper handle the weights smoothly without letting the weights hamper his stance.

“Holy c**p. The strength to do this alone is insane, but the conditioning to not let the weight crushing you get to your lungs or head is equally impressive in my opinion. Inspiring as hell”

Many agreed that the second repetition looked better than his first lift.

“Damn, the second one looked better than the first. The other competitors won’t know what hit them at the Worlds!”

Fans collectively agreed that Hooper might establish an overhead press world record soon.

“Unreal WR coming your way”

Many zoomed in on his arms working hard to perform reps with the heavy weights.

“Watching those triceps work so hard to finish the lockout on both reps is mad impressive”

Since Hooper now has a child, a fan proclaimed that the athlete was the most powerful dad of all.

“the amount of strength this man has is stupid – World’s Strongest Dad”

Lastly, a fan wanted the ‘Moose’ to be bestowed with national honor.

“This guy needs to be inducted to the Canadian Hall of Fame”

All in all, Hooper managed to impress the strongman world with what he does best. His stint at the Arnold Strongman Classic shows was proof of his true potential. Since his dramatic win at the World’s Strongest Man championship in 2023, things have only been looking up for him. The secret to his demigod-like strength might be his experience as a medical professional.

Mitchell Hooper recently revealed his health journey post-Arnold Strongman Classic UK

Hooper is a certified kinesiologist, with his medical center and practice situated in Canada. He confessed in a YouTube video how he never intended to become a strongman since the genesis of his athletic career. However, his desire to help athletes and relate to their issues took him on a journey through various sports.

Currently sitting at around 320 lbs, Hooper went through drastic weight changes throughout his career as an athlete. He participated in physique shows and moved on to sprinting and other aerobic activities, before finally settling on strength sports. Across all these paths, he made sure to prioritize health and delve more into recovery, which became the key to his success.

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