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Holger Rune’s Glamorous Sister Alma Rune Gets Global Fame Beyond Her 43,000 Plus Instagram Followers; Here’s How

Aravind Sekhar

5 Hottest Pictures of Alma Rune, Holger Rune's Sister

Holger Rune has been carrying the hopes of Denmark for some years now on the ATP Tour. But he is not the only popular member of his family. His sister, Alma Rune is a social media sensation across the globe, working for Scoop Models currently. According to her Instagram handle, she has been part of multiple fashion events around the world.

Alma has garnered 43.7k followers on Instagram and regularly updates her fans with her photoshoots. Over the past few months, the 25-year-old has captivated the attention of fans through her Instagram posts. However, recently, she featured in an interview with the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters alongside her brother and her comments have got her more traction too.

In the interview, both spoke about how they used to play tennis and chess with each other while growing up. Alma even described Rune as ‘lazy’ and said that he loved eating cake. Alma was quoted as saying about him-

“I think he’s so cool in tough situations. He’s so brave. He’s not really scared, even though he wants to do everything perfect,” Alma said. “I’m like, ‘Wow, you’re only 19. And you’re playing against the best players in the world and you’re staying so calm’. [He] doesn’t really fear anything. I think he’s really fearless and that makes me really proud.”

The 25-year-old Alma has been one of the biggest supporters of Rune and sometimes travels with her little brother on the tour. Her posts and pictures had gone viral when she was in the stadium during the 2022 French Open.

Alma was seen cheering and motivating her brother from the spectator stands. Her support helped him beat Stefanos Tsistsipas in the fourth round at Roland Garros in 2022.

Holger Rune has maintained a steady progression in his career on the ATP Tour. It has been possible due to his support system in the family. The 20-year-old spends quality time with his sister. He always encourages her by commenting on her Instagram posts.

Fans reacting to Alma Rune's pictures.

Fan reactions on Alma Rune's Instagram posts

While Alma is busy with her modeling career, Rune’s mother travels with him throughout the year. Aneke Rune revealed that Alma was initially better than Rune in tennis. She said that Holger Rune was always active while on the court.

Aneke is proud of what her son has achieved at such a young age and believes he is destined for more. The World No.7 and Aneke were seen in the second season of the Netflix show Break Point. She talked about the determination of her son while he was growing up.

Holger Rune had always given his 100 percent while working towards a goal. He made it to the quarterfinals in both the men’s singles and men’s doubles categories of the Monte Carlo Masters. The Dane is considered to be one of the favorites in the clay swing as well as the Olympic Games in Paris later this year.

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