The truth behind MS Dhoni’s run out in the world cup semi-final against New Zealand.

Archie Blade
|Published 13/07/2019

The truth behind MS Dhoni’s run out in the world cup semi-final against New Zealand and what really happened.

MS Dhoni’s run out in the semi-final against New Zealand has been a bone of contention for many Indian supporters. Many fans are of the opinion that the ball in which the wicket keeper batsman was dismissed was a no-ball.

They posted images and videos that showed that New Zealand had placed 6 fielders outside the inner circle. This is despite ICC’s rules on fielding restrictions stating that only 5 fielders be allowed outside in the 3rd powerplay i.e. overs 40th to 50th.

Fans argue that had the umpired signaled the no-ball then Dhoni wouldn’t have attempted the run. Instead he would have stayed put to face the free-hit. One can only imagine how the match would have turned out then.

However, Timesnow have now reported that while there was a blunder on the delivery that saw Dhoni walk back to the pavilion, it had more to do with the broadcasters then the umpires.

The images and videos shared on Twitter show third man, deep fine leg, deep point, deep square leg, deep mid-wicket, and long-on outside the circle. However, the Kiwi’s only had 5 fielders out and the broadcasters failed to reflect that in their graphics.

Here’s what happened

New Zealand started the 49th over with a third man, deep fine leg, deep point, deep square leg, and long-on. Dhoni smashed Lockie Ferguson for a 6. The Kiwis then sent the mid-wicket back and the deep fine leg was called up. Ferguson bowled the second ball and managed to sneak in a dot. The error occurred in the ball after that.

Commentator Ian Smith was heard on air saying:

“…has come across to Ferguson and said bring up the third man, send back fine leg. Williamson wasn’t really involved in the conversation. Ferguson shifting his own man here.”

Ferguson had indeed asked the third man to come up and the short fine leg fielder was shifted back. The short third man and the deep fine leg can clearly be seen in the picture below.

Image courtesy TimesNow

However, the graphics on the screen showed six fielders outside the circle – third man, deep fine leg, deep point, deep square leg, deep mid-wicket, and long-on.

This broadcasting error resulted in a huge outcry all over the country as India went on to lose the match by 18 runs and were eliminated from the World cup. The fans blamed the umpires for the exit. However, the truth behind MS Dhoni’s run out is finally in the open now.

As hard a pill it is to swallow, maybe now the fans will come to terms with the fact that India had a brilliant world cup and were undone by a team who were better on that particular day. And that’s perfectly alright, as it should be in the world of sports.

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