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Twitter trolls Raai Laxmi after her comment on Dhoni

Siddharth Nair

MS Dhoni has been a hugely popular figure for more than a decade now. Ever since he broke on to the scene 13 years ago, we have all been obsessed with the wicket keeper from Ranchi at some point or the other.

From his hairstyle, to his fashion sense and everything else related to his personal life, the Indian media has been scrutinizing everything related to the former Indian skipper.

Back in 2008, it was reported that MS Dhoni was in a relationship with Indian actress Raai Laxmi. Laxmi was the brand ambassador of CSK, while Dhoni was the captaining the Chennai outfit for the first edition in the Indian Premier League.

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While those rumours made the news back then, both people have moved on and are living a comfortable life right now.

Dhoni himself has never spoken about it in the past, and would clearly not speak about something like this ten years later for sure.

But at a recent press conference, Laxmi was asked about how things are with Dhoni right now, to which she replied, “Who is he?This needs to have a full stop. It was a long time ago, he is happily married now, he has kids… Certain things don’t work out, and then you have to move on.”

While her answer was measured for the most part, her “Who’s he?” response was ridiculed by everyone on social media. Many questioned her status as an actress and some also went on to remind her of who MS Dhoni is.

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