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“Conors Kid vs. Khabibs Kid”: Conor McGregor’s Picture of His Son Has Fans Making Outlandish Wishes

Allan Binoy

"Conors Kid vs. Khabibs Kid”: Conor McGregor's Picture of His Son Has Fans Making Outlandish Wishes

Conor McGregor has gotten his son into the fight game at a very young age. Conor Jr. seems to have found an interest in boxing because it is all he seems to do, even when they are on vacation. However, his latest photo of his son had fans making a wild match-up between Khabib Nurmagoedov’s son and him.

Even though neither ‘fighter’ is even a teenager yet, fans can’t seem to get over the feud between the two clans.

Regardless, McGregor’s photo of his son drew mixed reactions from the fans. Of course, there’s the weird dream match-up.

“Conors kid vs khabibs kid one day”

One fan spoke about how it was nice to see Conor McGregor’s son stepping in his father’s shoes. Even though there is a long way to go before he can do that,

“Glad to see Conor Jr. stepping in his fathers shoes!!”

Another fan poked fun at McGregor saying his son would have to go and train in Dagestan alongside Khabib if he wanted to become a champion.

“He needs to go to Dagestan to if he wants to b champ one day”

This fan made fun of ‘Mystic Mac’s’ leg injury from his fight against Dustin Poirier by saying,

“Prone to ankle injuries. It’s in their blood line mate”

One fan spoke about how Conor Jr. would allow the next generation to live the legacy of Conor McGregor if he got into combat sports,

“Our children are going to get to relive McGregor through his son”

Another fan believed that Conor Jr. was the reason Khabib Nurmagomedov retired, so he could avoid fighting another McGregor. This was funny actually, to be honest.

“That’s why khabib retired, didn’t want to deal with Jr.”

Regardless, Conor McGregor doesn’t care. He is a great father and recently showed fans an example of how good he is when he made a baby stop crying at The Black Forge Inn.

Conor McGregor helps a baby stop crying

Conor McGregor has a very unique style of carrying his own kids. He holds them by their torso, in almost a suspended state, and has always faced criticism from fans for it.

However, he recently got to prove that there was a method to his madness at The Black Forge Inn. He got a crying toddler to stop after carrying him in his unique way,

“If you hold a baby like this the baby stops crying, serious.”

In a since-deleted Instagram post, he spoke about how fans criticized him for the way he holds his children. In classic Conor McGregor fashion, he then stated, ‘Daddy knows’. It turns out his method does work, as the kid looked amused at the way he held him and did not cry at all.

However, we would not advise trying this at home because even though ‘Daddy knows’, Mommy might have a sniper of a left hand coming at ya.

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